Wiki tips

From Phantasy Star Universe Clementine

Here's a few tips for getting around the wiki, based on common queries and feature requests we get. Often these requests are sensible but the amount of work to upkeep them would be gargantuan when a solution already exists that does most of the work for you.

What is [material] used for?

If you want to know what an item is used for, an easy way to find out is to use the "What Links Here" option in the left bar. This appears on every page, and will provide a list of pages that link to the one you're currently on. This will generally show missions where the item drops and boards/exchange missions that the item is used in.

An alternative method is to use the search bar - enter Relic Edge + in the search bar and hit Enter, and you'll get a list of all pages that contain the text "Relic Edge".

Searching for resistances

If you want to see a list of enemies that are resistant or vulnerable to certain status effects, use the following in the search bar:

"|Incapacitate= o"

The above will provide a list of all enemies susceptible to Incapacitate. If you wanted to see a list of things that were resistant to Incapacitate, change the o to an x. You can also use this for Freeze, Burn, Poison, etc.


Over on the Clementine Discord Server, a bot is available to help bring up pages from the wiki on your behalf. They can be invoked with the following commands:

!wiki followed by a page name returns that page (eg !wiki Mugunruk). You can also give it the first word or two of a page - !wiki casino will give you the Casino Voloyal page.

!wiki search will provide search results for a particular term (eg !wiki search "Incapacitate=o" to show all enemies vulnerable to incap)

!wiki "M-EE0A02" (or any other prototype code) will take you straight to the weapon page for that prototype, so you don't even need to move away from Discord to find out what you've got! Just make sure to enclose it in quote marks " as otherwise you might find that it starts telling you that your prototype is a pair of trousers or something.

If you get a different weapon to the one you were expecting, there might be a duplicate code - in that case, try !wiki "M-EE0A02" spear (replacing spear with the weapon type you have) which should bring up the right page.