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Update 66

October 22nd, 2023

Bruce's Anniversary Party

Join us on the 1st floor to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. This event will last until November 19th, 2023.

Event Missions

Players will be able find Clemiversary Badges to trade at the Clemiversary Exchange for /U weapons!

During the event period, enemy kills will be tracked to unlock boosts that will last for 2 weeks after the event concludes.

Milestone Rewards

  • 500,000: x10 Daily Coins from the Casino
  • 1,000,000: +10% Grind Success Rate
  • 1,500,000: x5 Meseta Boost
  • 2,000,000: x2 PA EXP Boost
  • 2,500,000: x2 EXP Boost
  • 3,000,000: x2 MP Boost
  • 3,500,000: +5% Rare Enemy Appearance Rate
  • 4,000,000: +1 Gold W. Badge Drop
  • 4,500,000: +20 GC Boost
  • 5,000,000: +25% RDR Boost
  • 6,500,000: Boosted /U Rates and Clemiversary Badge Rates for the Final Week of the event.
  • 6,500,000+: Every 100,000 enemy kills will increase the post-event Rare Drop Rate by 1%.

New Photon Arts

  • Added Infinite Break to the Middle Shop in the Resident Security Dept.
  • Added Jellen Hit to the Middle Shop in the Resident Security Dept.
  • Added Boma Powga to the Gun PA Shops.

Balance Changes

S4 Difficulty Enemy HP

  • The Enemy HP for S4 Difficulty will now increase to 1.25x HP when in a Party. Solo players will still have 1.0x Enemy HP.


  • Knuckles, Double Sabers, Twin Daggers, Twin Claws, Claws, and Whips had their Weapon Range increased by about 10%.
  • Dilas Whip, Dilas Whip/U, Bloody Shower/U, and Big Fisher/U had their stats changed to 400 ATP & 550 PP at 0/10, and 560 ATP & 750 PP at 10/10
  • Bladed Paradiso (S Rank) had its ATP increased by 130, the Normal Attack deals double damage, and the Normal Attack can hit +1 target.
  • Bladed Paradiso (A Rank) had its ATP increased by 80, the Normal Attack deals double damage, and the Normal Attack can hit +1 target.
  • Sonic Splendor had its ATP increased by 100.
  • Tsumikiri Nodachi HP Affects Power Level has been increased to 2.
  • Reduced the Critical Damage on Technic Weapons by 20%.


GAS Changes

  • The Special Ability [Critical Rate] has been increased from 6% to 15% Critical Rate.
  • The Weapon Skills [X Critical+] has been increased from 2/3% to 10/15% Critical Rate.

Photon Arts

  • Dus Majarra fixed the Combo 3 hitbox angle.
  • Technic Damage increased by 20%.
  • Foverse status changed from TP/MST Down to HP Steal.

Enemy Changes

  • Reduced Jarba MST to 100%
  • Reduced Gaozoran to 150% MST
  • Removed Technic Resistance from Ozuna and Taguba
  • Reduced Ozuna and Taguba MST to 100%
  • Reduced Rappy Gugg/Igg MST to 130%
  • Reduced Tengohg MST to 150%
  • Reduced Polavohra MST to 120%
  • Reduced Gol Dolva MST to 150%
  • Reduced Kagajibari MST to 150%
  • Reduced Svaltus MST to 150%
  • Reduced Ubakrada MST to 100%
  • Reduced Bil De Vear MST to 130%
  • Reduced Kog Nadd tech resist to 25%
  • Reduced Alfort Tylor MST to 150%
  • Reduced Renvolt Magashi MST to 130%
  • Reduced Carriguine MST to 150%
  • Reduced Darbelan MST to 130%
  • Reduced Dilnazen MST to 130%
  • Reduced Jusnagun MST to 130%
  • Reduced SEED-Argine MST to 150%
  • Reduced SEED-Vitace MST to 150%
  • Reduced Zasharogan MST to 130%
  • Reduced Orgdus MST to 200%
  • Removed the Hitflag immunities from SEED-Magashi. (Crown buff still gives immunity)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the GAS Special Ability [Counter Damage+] was dealing way more damage than intended.
  • Fixed Sturm Burst's damage to match Sturm Burstec (Now how that happen)

Update 65

October 8th, 2023

Guardians Drop Road

The Moatoob Guardians Drop Road is live:

Remember to check the current step at Leo on the 4th Floor!