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Update 16

May 7, 2021


  • Enemies will now no longer drop the next tier drop if a level modifier pushes them over (e.g if an enemy is LV145, and has a +5 modifier, causing them to drop LV150 items).
    • This is to prevent issues appearing in S2 and later where nearly half the enemies would not drop the correct tier item due to level modifiers.
  • Enemies will have new items to be acquired at LV150+.
  • SEED-Guardian (Sh) now has LV1 Incapacitate on its rifle shot in-game (this was on the wiki but not reflected in-game).
  • An issue where Bul Buna was resisting TECHNIC damage by 75% has been resolved.


  • Dulk Fakis 2's meteor attack will now stun 100% of the time.
  • Further adjusted Dragon attack data to fix issues with their walking dealing more damage depending on the direction they walk.


  • All S2 missions will reward 2x PA Fragment for S rank clear.
  • Drop rates of all items in C and B rank boxes have been increased.
  • Drop rates for items in S rank Rare Missions have been slightly increased.


  • Scrap recycling boards have had their scrap requirements lowered (2, 4, 6, 8 for C, B, A, S respectively).
  • Recycle S scrap board is now available at the Synthesis shop on the second floor of the GUARDIANS Colony.
    • This board will give a random S rank wood, metal, or hard material. It also has a chance to give the decoration Parum Fountain.
  • Chevalier Edge is now available, and will drop from enemies defeated in Galenigare Mine or Granigs Mine LV150+.
  • Iritista Spellstone is now available, and will drop from enemies defeated in Mizuraki Forest and Saguraki Forest LV150+.
  • Vol Brothers Snapshot is now available, and will drop from boxes in Kugu Desert LV1+.
  • PM Device ZERO is now available at the Variety Shop on the second floor of the GUARDIANS Colony.
  • Purple Freesias can no longer be placed on single space room decoration spots.
  • Magi Processor's manufacturer has been corrected.
  • Shag Zazza has had its model corrected.
  • Peace Breaker has had its model corrected.
  • Izanagi has had its visual effect corrected.
  • Diabolic Gauntlet has had its model corrected.
  • Pom-pom Smash has had its rarity and rank corrected.
  • Grinder S board has had its price increased from 30,000 Meseta to 50,000 Meseta.
  • Grinder A board has had its price increased from 7,500 Meseta to 15,000 Meseta.
    • These boards have also been placed into boss drop boxes as potential rewards.
  • Neta Note has been added to boss drop boxes.

Rogue Siblings


  • The Grinding system has been improved. Weapons will no longer lose a max grind value upon breaking, but will instead revert to the original 0/10 state.
  • Grinding success rates have been completely reworked, and details about the new rates will soon be found on the Grinding page.
  • In general, grinders below +10 are now much closer together in success rate to encourage use of more grinders.
  • Any previously broken weapon will return to the initially unbroken state of x/10.

Dark Crystal Seeker

  • A new exchange mission, Dark Crystal Seeker will be available at the 5th Floor of the GUARDIANS Colony.
    Clamp Manyel has been tasked with collecting Megispheres and is giving out unique rewards to GUARDIANS who bring him lots of ‘em.
    You will also be able to compress Megi-photons into Megi-drops, which subsequently will compress into Megispheres.
  • Unique items can be found here. Visit the page for Dark Crystal Seeker to find out what items are available.

Prototype Weapons System

  • Rare Prototypes of weapons have started appearing throughout Gurhal recently, supposedly from a recent Kubara manufacturer's warehouse being raided.
    These prototype weapons are unstable compared to their mass-produced counterparts, but exhibit modifications not seen elsewhere.
    These modifications appear to alter the weapon's functionality, providing certain benefits such as increasing attack power or range of effectiveness.
  • To learn more about these rare prototypes, visit Prototype Weapons System for more details.

GUARDIANS Quest System

  • A new initiative from the GUARDIANS organization in 2021, the GUARDIANS Quest System offers daily and weekly rewards for fulfilling certain tasks in the field.
    In exchange, a range of newly-developed boost items are available for successful quest completions!
  • The GQS will take GUARDIANS on tasks such as:
    • Defeat enemies
    • Defeat bosses
    • Clear missions
  • These quests can be accessed at all times from the Player Status second page.
  • To learn more about the GQS, visit GUARDIANS Quest System for more details.

Boost Items


  • An issue was discovered with the Nanoblast damage formula that causes levels past 100 to gain massive amounts of damage (upwards of 20-25k per hit).
  • A fix for this issue has been applied, but it has lowered current LV99 nanoblast damage by about 1000.


  • Master types are now available. These types are specialized in a certain area of combat and can achieve LV50 Photon Arts. To learn about the requirements for these types, please visit the Types page.
  • Available Master types:
  • These types will also come with Titles for achieving LV5, LV10, LV15, and LV20. LV50 and above titles will be in a future update.
  • Fortefighter has received a 3% boost to HP, 5% boost to ATP, and 7% boost to ATA.
  • An issue was discovered with types that prevents them from achieveing LV200. Therefore, the maximum type level will now be LV125.
  • The MP required to achieve LV125 will be the same as if it was still LV200.

Photon Arts


  • Shunbu Shouren-zan power modifier on the second combo reduced for LV11-40.
  • Renzan Seidan-ga power modifier on the third combo increased by 100% at all levels. Target count increased from 2 to 3 for the first combo.
  • Bogga Robado power modifier on the second combo increased by 30% at all levels. The hitbox angle for the second combo has been slightly increased.
  • Bogga Zubba hitbox angle has been slightly increased.
  • Renkai Buyou-zan power modifier on the second combo increased by 10% at all levels.
  • Hishou Jinren-zan power modifier on the second combo increased by 20% at all levels. Target count increased from 3 to 4 on the second combo.
  • Spinning Break hitbox angle increased for all combos.
  • Anga Redda target count on the third combo increased from 5 to 6 at LV21-50.
  • Spiral Dance power modifier on the third combo increased by 20% for LV21-50.
  • Dus Daggas target count increased from 3 to 4 on the second combo for LV11-50.
  • Anga Dugrega hitbox angle widened on all combos.


  • Barada Zagenga bullet count has been reduced to 4 at LV25-30 (accidentally increased to 5 at LV25), and power modifier reduced by 30% at all levels. HP Affects Power LV4 at LV31-40 and LV5 at LV41-50.
  • Barada Maga power modifier reduced by 40% at all levels. PP Cost increased at levels 11-50.
  • Twin Penetration power modifier increased by 65% at all levels.
  • Masei-shiki bullet count has been reduced from 4 to 3 at LV21+.
  • Chousei-sou no longer has Charm.



  • The level cap has been increased to LV100.
  • An experience boost has been implemented which will increase experience gain by 50% on a decreasing curve based on the player's current level and the current level cap minus 15.
    • For a LV100 cap, the experience boost stops at LV85. As the player gets closer to 85, the experience boost decreases.
  • Type Requirement text at the 5th Floor NPC has been fixed.
  • An issue where neutral bullets and TECHNICS were dealing extra damage against neutral enemies has been resolved.
  • An overflow for EXP acquired at max level has been implemented.
    • Every 50,000 EXP acquired while at max level will be converted into 5 MP.
  • All synthesis boards will now be able to achieve 100% success rate if the Partner Machine is LV100 in that respective item type field.
    • For example, you would need a LV100 armor bot to achieve 100% success rate on a piece of armor.
  • The minimum percentage that a striking weapon or armor can synthesize at will now scale upwards based on the level of the Partner Machine, up to 20% at LV100.
    • This only affects standard photons. Nano-photons will still have a 30% minimum override.
  • Fixed an issue where Newmans would gain 100 extra EVP at LV47, and then lose that EVP at LV48.
  • Server statistics and more player information can now be found in the Player Status page.
    • This page will display player stats, active boost items with timers, total number of players online, and the top three most popular lobbies with how many players and parties are in each.
  • Parties will now have a single randomizer created and seeded each time a mission is started to resolve issues of the global randomizer getting stuck in bad loops after running for multiple weeks.
  • DNR on boxes has been removed.
  • DAR will now take on the role of the "tier-down" mechanic for boxes, and is now a static rate of 20% per player. DAR will no longer increase each time a player joins the mission.
    • Due to this change, Meseta will no longer drop from boxes, but now an item should always drop from a box. If a box drops nothing, please report the box.
  • The command /dropnotice can be used to turn the drop notification off.
  • The /noblind and /dropnotice command will now save to your character, removing the need to always reset each time you log in.

Update 17

May 16, 2021

Illuminus Collusion

Illuminus Collusion.
  • The first custom Clementine event, Illuminus Collusion, is available at Paracabana Coast.
  • Rumors surrounding the Illuminus and Endrum groups conducting illegal experiments within the Paracabana Jungle have begun spreading around Gurhal. The AMF and GUARDIANS have been tasked with investigating the jungle and beach areas far from the resort to find any and all leads to where the Illuminus and Endrum might be residing. Fulyen Curtz is leading the investigation.
  • For those who wish to partake in this operation, meet Fulyen Curtz with your team at the resort in Paracabana Coast.
  • This event will keep track of all monsters killed and all S rank clears in order to give out milestone rewards.
  • NOTE: This mission is highly recommended to be completed in a party and is not solo-friendly.


  • Volfu no longer reduces ranged damage when given the shield buff.


  • A few boxes in Mizuraki Defense that did not have a real box ID have turned into trees.



GUARDIANS Quest System

  • All weekly quests and the daily dynamic quests have had their requirements reduced by 50-70%.
  • The quest to break 200 containers has been reduced to 150 containers.

Photon Arts

  • Regrant now uses Damage Reflect LV1 as its Status Effect.


  • The level cap has been increased to LV104.
  • Fixed an issue with the SE prototype giving No Variance instead.
  • Fixed an issue where striking prototype weapons were not dropping with a minimum element of 40%.
  • Fixed an issue where RCSMs were dropping with ranged prototype enhancements that couldn't be used. They will now drop using the striking enhancement table.
  • The /dropnotice command should now properly save to your character.
  • A new command has been added to use consumables /usecons itemname will use an item in your inventory.
  • An issue where the tier-down mechanic on boxes was improperly setting the tier and giving nothing has hopefully been resolved.
    • Please continue to report any boxes that drop nothing after this change.