Updates/January 2024

From Phantasy Star Universe Clementine

Update 70



  • Updated the Resident Security Department to be less cluttered.
  • The NPC Vendors are now accessible through the middle NPC.

PA Trading Post Update

  • The PA Trading Post has been updated to include the following PAs:
  • Blank Disks are now obtainable through the PA Trading Post.
  • The PA Trading Post can now be accessed through the Moatoob, Neudaiz, and Parum GUARDIAN branches.
  • All of the PAs that only cost PA Fragments now cost 60 PA Fragments across the board.
  • All of the Striking and Ranged PAs that required a PA + a Blank Disc now cost 1 Blank Disc + 60 PA Fragments
  • The Boards to obtain these PAs / Blank Discs have been removed from the Department Store. Players will obtain them through the PA Trading Post now.