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Version Phantasy Star Universe
Enemy Size Large
Classification Normal Enemy
Elements Light Icon.gif

Svaltus is a type of Stateria wielding a great sword, normally encountered in RELICS sites. It may drop Svaltus Edge. Its wave attack can stun, and its spin attack can inflict the Zalure DFP-down status effect. It has two known rare forms: Orgdus and Lutus Jigga.


  • From a distance, the Svaltus can attack with a wave attack which it sends out across the ground with a swipe of its sword. This can inflict stun.
  • At close range, the Svaltus may do a spin attack with its sword. This may inflict Zalure to anyone within the radius of the attack.
  • The Svaltus can also cast Foie, which may inflict burn.


Stat Modifiers Boosts
HP 300% ATP 180% ATA 120% Crown.gif --
TP 150% DFP 200% EVP 250% Sword Buff.gif 150% ATP, 200% ATA, 200% TP, 120% STA Magic Buff.gif --
MST 200% STA 130% EXP 650% Shield Buff.gif -- Boot Buff.gif --
Status Effect Susceptibility
Burn.gif Freeze.gif Shock.gif Silence.gif Confuse.gif Infection.gif Poison.gif Stun.gif Sleep.gif Incapacitation.gif ATP Down.gif DFP Down.gif ATA-EVP Down.gif TP-MST Down.gif
- ✔︎ - - - ✔︎ - - - - ✔︎ ✔︎ - ✔︎
Damage Reduction
Saber Icon.gif ✔︎ Handgun Icon.gif ✔︎ Wand Icon.gif -

Drops and Locations

LV Drop
-- --
10-19 Gigush
20-29 Breaker
30-39 Claymore
40-49 Calibur
50-59 Ascalon
60-69 Hanzo
70-79 Jogiri
80-99 Caliburn
100-124 [B] Svaltus Sword
125-149 [B] Svaltus Sword
150-174 [B] Svaltus Sword Ω
175-189 Svaltus Sword Ω
190-200 Heart of Despair
Special Svaltus Edge
Omega Edge
[B] Svaltus Sword/Z
Reported Sightings:
Citadel of Sand
Sleeping Warriors
The Dual Sentinel
Fantastic Voyage
Sunken Shrine
The Holy Ground
Rumbling Ruins
Village Defense
Two-Headed Ruins
Hooligan Hideout
Ruins in the Mist
The Lost Ruins
Planet Rush: Parum
Protectors κ
Roar of Flames/R
Converging Roads