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The Resident Security Department can be found on the third floor of Clyez City, next to Club Commune occupying the formerly vacant spot in the back. Here you can exchange PA Fragments and BT Fragments along with other materials for new and powerful Photon Arts, including some that are exclusive to this location. You can also undertake special GUARDIANS Advanced Missions as well as upgrade your character using the GUARDIANS Advanced Style (GAS) system.

The department offers the following services:

Fisul Godes

Fisul Godes is the NPC who is standing in the centre of the Resident Security Department. He can transport you to the GUARDIANS branches around the Gurhal system, in addition to a couple of additional locations in Clyez City.

Stamp Shop (first vendor on the left)

This vendor will talk about the Stamp Shop and provide Daily Stamps to be used at the Stamp Shop.
Daily Stamps are a type of currency that were exclusive to the Japanese PC servers. These systems have not been implemented and no functionality is currently associated with them.

GAS (second vendor from the left)

This vendor offers the GAS mission where you can customize your characters abilities after gaining some AP, which is earned upon gaining enough EXP after reaching level 180. More information on this feature is available on the GUARDIANS Advanced Style (GAS) page.

PA Fragment and Exchange Shop (central vendor)

The middle vendor on the back desk will sell boards which can be used to synth Photon Arts, and PA Fragments. These boards carry a 100% success rate and can be used in any PM, and only require PA Fragments to synth. The currently available list of items is as follows:

Board Board cost Board requirements
Foverse 10000 25 PA Fragments
Regrant 10000 90 PA Fragments
Blank Disk 1250 45 BT Fragments
Dus Skadd 10000 1 Dus Majarra
1 Blank Disk
99 PA Fragments
Dizas 10000 75 PA Fragments
1 Blank Disk
Rentis 10000 75 PA Fragments
1 Blank Disk
Photon Sphere 1500 50 PA Fragments
Inf. Gr->100%DR 2500 1 Infinity Grinder
Makes 100% Drop Rate boosters at a 1:1 ratio.
Drop Rate +25% 1500 75 PA Fragments
Drop Rate +50% 2500 75 PA Fragments
1 Photon Sphere
PA EXP +100% 2500 99 PA Fragments
[B] PA Fragment 2500 1 Zonsphere or
1 Raysphere or
1 Megisphere
Kakou Ryuu-zan 10000 1 Shunbu Shouren-zan
1 Blank Disk
99 PA Fragments
[B] Grinder Base S 2500 1 Copernia and 1 Olpad
[B] Gurhalian NY 10000 5 Gourmet Cake
Items that are not boards
Item Cost
PA Fragment 100000

The middle vendor also sells a number of synth boards in which elemental spheres can be used. All of these cost 2,500 Meseta each:

PA Trading Station and GAM Mission Counter (second vendor from the right)

The vendor in red clothing, second from the right, provides access to the PA Trading Post mission, where Photon Arts from the three License exchange missions can be obtained, as well as new and powerful Skills and TECHNICs (commonly referred to as JP PAs since they were only originally only released on the Japanese PC server).

This vendor also acts as a mission counter for the following GUARDIANS Advanced Missions:

Olson Waber (first vendor on the right)

The NPC on the far right is Olson Waber, a famous GUARDIAN back in the day. He is Ethan Waber's father and offers generic items from the other bog standard vendor NPC's. He is currently just trying to make ends meet post-retirement after being captured by the Illuminus for years.

AMP Shop

The AMP Shop kiosk next to the exit sells boards for use with AMP items - AMP Drop, AMP Sphere and AMP Crystal. The kiosk is found to the right of the door.

Board Board cost Board requirements
[B] Meseta +50% 25000 AMP Crystal x25
[B] RDR +75% 25000 AMP Sphere x50
[B] Meseta +100% 25000 AMP Sphere x20
[B] MP +100% 25000 AMP Sphere x20
[B] Mehren Nenka 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Imperial Pick 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Ikotenyoku 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Edge Quolia 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Devil Chains 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Kotetsu 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Gimlet 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Sonic Splendor 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Varl A. Mode 25000 AMP Sphere x50
[B] Gravetoo 25000 AMP Sphere x50
[B] Imperial Rod 25000 AMP Sphere x50
[B] Faz'ntar Head 25000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] Demonic Ichor 25000 AMP Sphere x50
[B] Makarukaheshi+ 250000 AMP Sphere x25
[B] Ikutama+ 250000 AMP Sphere x25
[B] Chigaheshi+ 250000 AMP Sphere x25
[B] Tarutama+ 250000 AMP Sphere x25
[B] Hard / Body 250000 AMP Sphere x30
[B] PA Fragment 25000 AMP Drop x1
[B] From The Depths 1000000 AMP Sphere x50
[B] Roaring Faust 1000000 AMP Crystal x99
[B] Fanatic Faust 1000000 AMP Crystal x99
[B] EXP +100% 25000 AMP Crystal x25
[B] RDR +50% 25000 AMP Crystal x99
[B] MP +50% 25000 AMP Crystal x25
[B] Colony Collectible 250000 AMP Sphere x10
[B] Parum Collectible 250000 AMP Sphere x10
[B] Neudaiz Collectible 250000 AMP Sphere x10
[B] Moatoob Collectible 250000 AMP Sphere x10
[B] Chronoseline 250000 AMP Crystal x99