Rare Missions

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Rare Missions are special missions that have a chance of being acquired following the completion of another mission. Though difficult to obtain, the rewards of these missions make them incredibly worth the effort. Rare Missions often contain many rare or uncommon enemies, and exhibit increased drop rates.


  • The number of party members does not affect the chance at receiving a rare mission, but Photon Fortune does, minimally.
  • Every time you clear any mission, your chance at receiving a rare mission gradually increases. Upon receiving a rare mission, your overall chance will reset back to a base value.
  • A rare mission can be obtained on any mission, and any difficulty. However, completing missions where enemies are well below your player level can significantly reduce your chances of receiving a rare mission.
  • Any party member can receive a rare mission. Also, more than one player can receive a rare mission from the same run, although highly unlikely.
  • When a party member receives a rare mission flag, a light red notice will scroll up the right side of all party members' screens announcing which member(s) received the mission. Players awarded a rare mission will also receive a Simple Mail in-game, confirming the award of the rare mission.
  • In order for a player to be eligible to receive a rare mission, they must be in the field before the mission is cleared. Furthermore, they must have been part of the party for at least 80% of the mission's total clear time.
  • When awarded a rare mission, you are not bound to the planet it appeared on. You can switch planets to choose from any of the available rare missions by going to that planet's GUARDIANS Branch.
  • After receiving a rare mission flag, you can return to your room, change universes and even log off without losing the flag for that character. However, you cannot receive another rare mission until you have completed the current one you obtained.
  • Rare mission flags are "used up" when a rare mission is started. Whether the mission is completed, abandoned or failed, the character will not be able to begin another rare mission until they receive another rare mission award.

Rare Missions