Rare Enemies

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Rare Enemies are enemies that can randomly be found in any mission, but only exist in specific variations of the mission (typically referred to as the rare variant). If you know the patterns of a mission well, you can sometimes verify if your mission has the rare variant if the enemies or layout are different than usual. Rare variants can be obtained at any time when starting any mission, but abandoning a mission and restarting multiple times to search for the rare variant will result in you being unable to acquire a rare variant. You must have completed at least one mission prior to starting another mission to be eligible for a rare variant. The chance to encounter rare enemies is affected by one's Photon Fortune (assuming they are the party leader).

Rare Enemies

There are a multitude of rare enemies in Phantasy Star Universe. Some are native to specific planets, others can spawn on any planet. If a rare enemy is listed as a native creature, then it will only spawn on that respective planet. Other rare enemies might only spawn in certain types of areas, such as SEED-Lab Staff only spawning in "Lab-like" areas, or Lutus Jigga only spawning in "RELICS" areas. The only exception to this is rare missions, which can spawn any rare enemies, depending on the mission.

Native Creatures (Neudaiz)

Native Creatures (Moatoob)





Rare Enemies

These enemies are considered the "neutral" rare enemies, since they do not belong to any specific category.