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Player shops are shops owned and operated by individual players allowing them to sell items to the rest of the community. By using a special remodeling ticket called Open Shop, you can add a shop area to your room.

Shop management

The main management functions of your shop can be accessed through the console at your shop counter. From here you can take items from your partner machine's storage and place them in your store's inventory, view all items that you currently have for sale, adjust item prices and remove items from your store's inventory. You are also given the option to write a short ad for your store which can be searched by the rest of the community through the shop search function.

You can also set unique messages for your partner machine to say when someone enters your store or purchases an item. These messages can be created and edited through your partner machine's main menu.

Almost any item in your partner machine's inventory can be sold at your shop. The only exclusions being PA Fragments, photon arts traded for PA Fragments, photon arts that have been converted back into disks, giftwrapped items, items from the prize counter at Casino Voloyal and special items such as Goggles.

Up to 32 items can be displayed in your shop at one time. Keep in mind that stackable items such as consumables and synthesis materials will create a new item entry in your store if the same item is already on sale. For example, if you have one Upteline for sale and then add one more, you will have two stacks of Upteline as opposed to one. In order to save space, the original stack should be returned to your partner machine to group all of the materials together and then put back out for sale.

When players visit a player shop, all transactions are handled through the partner machine waiting at the counter. Speak to the partner machine to view the shop's inventory and make purchases. Meseta earned through sales will appear in the inventory of the partner machine for collection by the owner.

Shop search

The basic shop search lets players search for items by name or for shops by their ad or owner. Results will be displayed as a list of shops that match your query. The much more detailed conditional shop search allows players to sort their search results by factors such as price, rarity, weapon or item category and more. Furthermore, item prices are now displayed with the search results, removing the necessity of having to visit a shop to see how much is wanted for a particular item.

Elemental search

When searching for items in player shops, it is possible to narrow down the element of the item being searched for by element. To do so, first enter the name of the item, followed by a space and then the element required. For instance, Mugunruk ice.

Searching for ice Mugunruk will not work - the element must be added to the end of the search term.

The elemental terms that will be accepted as part of a search term are as follows:

Fire Icon.gif fire
Ice Icon.gif ice
Lightning Icon.gif electric
Ground Icon.gif ground
Light Icon.gif light
Dark Icon.gif dark

Do not capitalise these search terms; they only work when entered all lower case.