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Parum was once a planet rich in natural abundance. It was driven to desolation over time due to human settlement, CAST production, and a war that lasted 500 years. Much of the nature found today has been artificially created. Tarcus City, the site where the Tripartite Treaty was signed, is the planet's capital. The economic center, however, is Holtes City, where the Alliance Council building is located. Alliance Military headquarters and the head offices of GRM, one of the largest manufacturers of GUARDIANS and Alliance Military equipment and CAST parts, are both found in Holtes City. CASTs make up only 5% of Parum's population. However, most of the important positions in politics, administration, and management are filled by CASTs.

Holtes City

Holtes City: Central District.
Holtes City: West District.
Holtes City: East District.

Holtes City is Parum's economic center. It is divided into three districts.

Central District

The Central district acts as Holtes City's spaceport, allowing transfer to any planet within the Gurhal System. This is the default starting area when first arriving to Parum via space shuttle. A spectacular view of Holtes City can be viewed here.

West District

The West district contains shops, including the G.R.M. Manufacturer shop. The synthesis shop stocks synthesis boards for G.R.M. weaponry and armor. The parts and clothing store also contain Parum exclusive goods. At the G.R.M. shop, you can purchase most G.R.M. gear and grind any G.R.M. weaponry. The Linear Line Platform located here provides a shortcut to the Temporary Base. The AMF headquarters are also located here.

East District

The East district contains the GUARDIANS branch and Flyer Base. If your room is located on Parum, you will spawn here if you choose not to spawn at your previously saved location.

Popular Areas

Parum is home to extremely lush environments such as Raffon Meadow and Lakeshore, popular for housing farms for creatures. Parum is also known for its popular tourist attraction Paracabana Coast. There you can enjoy the blistering sun and the sparkling waters! Be careful though, parts of the beach have been quarantined as feral creatures have invaded due to the SEED outbreak!


Parum also contains a few native bosses that have turned rampant due to the SEED invasion. These bosses include De Ragan, who nests deep in the Raffon Meadow; The SEED-infected Mother Brain, the massive super-computer AI of the AMF; and De Ragnus, the twin-headed dragon that hides deep in the ruins of Parum.


Map of Parum.

There are multiple different areas that players can visit on Parum. Many of these areas only appear in missions, but some do appear as lobbies.