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Phantasy Star Universe: Clementine
Photon Fortune
Date Human Newman CAST Beast
Feb. 22 1 1 2 2 3 3 0 0

Clementine Updates

Current Event:

Protectors of Valentines

Starting Location:

Ohtoku: Shitenkaku


Protectors ξ
Protectors ξ U

Active Boosts
  • x2 EXP Boost

Welcome to the Phantasy Star Universe: Clementine Wiki!

The Clementine Wiki is dedicated to Phantasy Star Universe, an online RPG by SEGA, and its private server Clementine. Created by the Clementine staff and various helpers, this wiki will provide information regarding Phantasy Star Universe: Clementine.

Make sure to read the Clementine Rules and Guidelines and then check out the Clementine Discord to engage more with the community or get help with either technical or gameplay related questions.

The Getting Started guide will help with setting up and introducing yourself to the game and the F.A.Q. provides common questions and answers.

After getting situated with the guides above, and you're a new player looking for a hot spot to level up or just looking to find parties around your level range, the mission Wicked Invasion on the 5th floor of the GUARDIANS Colony is highly recommended. During special Events, usually mentioned below along with the Event location when one is active, most of the community and action can be found over there, so always check and see if an Event is running!

In addition, a daily mission called Clem Camp is available from the normal mission counter on the 5th floor. This mission can only be ran once per day as soon as you reach level 10, but the EXP earned is multiplied by 10x!

New to the GUARDIANS Advanced Style (GAS) customization system and unsure on how to spend your AP? NDW has a helpful GAS builds guide that can help you effectively deck out your Types.
Don't forget to also join the PSU Type Discussion Discord (separate from the main Clementine PSU Discord server) for some expert advice on how to efficiently play your favorite types!

Protect Valentine's Day!

Protectors ξ has returned from the official Japanese servers as this years training mission for Valentine's! Infiltrate Ohtori Castle from the Shitenkaku shrine, use the elevator to travel to numerous floors, and take on the waves of enemies inside. An Ultimate refresh version of the mission, Protectors ξ U is also available with three different party size options to choose from. The Ultimate version features stronger enemies with differing attack resistances per floor but offers better rewards for clearing the tougher run. For all versions, each floor cleared will add another clear box reward to the run and for each gimmick cleared there will be a chance to travel to the 7th floor attic. Clearing the 7th floor will add special Valentines Boxes to the Reward Room at the end with a chance to obtain unique event exclusive gear. Each floor also contains lottery switches, hitting them will have a chance to trigger the final 8th floor which after clearing will also add Special Boxes to the Reward Room with a chance of obtaining a ?SPECIAL WEAPON or Weapon Cores.

Ultimate Weapon (/U) Drop Updates Are Here!

All mission drop tables on the S4 difficulty have various Ultimate Weapons to hunt down! Now that most /U weapons are no longer restricted to events or specific missions, there's plenty of chances to obtain previously harder to come by weapons to help prepare for the upcoming Ultimate Missions. Winners of the community favorite weapons poll are also included along with some new shiny weapons and a handful of mysterious new ?SPECIAL WEAPONs to hunt. All Ultimate Weapons have their new drop locations listed on their respective item pages, reference those to find out where to start hunting them!

Existing ?SPECIAL WEAPONs no longer have a chance to drop from Gold W. Badge boxes and their current drop locations are currently unknown, however reports indicate that they appear to be seen more frequently than before. In addition, new unidentified ?SPECIAL WEAPONs have also been sighted! We need active GUARDIANS to help determine where they are all located once again!

Guardians Drop Road will be taking a long break after this update, though GDR Tokens are now rewarded for clearing Rare Missions on S4 difficulty, with the token rewarded being based on the planet the rare mission is run on.

Bruce's Dungeon/R from the anniversary event has now also been made a permanent GAM, and along with it new additions and changes to the AMP Shop have been made.

Customize Weapons and Ultimate Weapons

Don't forget to check out the end-game gear: Customize Weapons and Ultimate Weapons! Details on how to obtain them are in their respective links.

New Ultimate Weapons that are only obtainable as drops, usually classified as an "Ultra Rare" drop on the Drop Rates page, will also be periodically introduced so keep an eye out while hunting!

Mission Updates!

S3 and S4 difficulties for all Missions have been added, including ones that never previously had those difficulties on retail! These difficulties have also introduced an updated drop system that will make farming for end game drops, including ones needed for the aforementioned new weapons, much easier with drop rates increased across the board, a "Tier" system based on mission length, and changes to where drops can be found, now being available from a much wider variety of missions! Check out the Missions page for more in-depth information.

Some time in the future, a final new "U" difficulty rank, Ultimate, is planned to be released. Information on Ultimate Missions are still to be determined but we'll have exciting details when the time comes!

Hardcore Mode Released!

Hardcore Mode, a new way to play Phantasy Star Universe: Clementine, has been released as of Update 31! Experience boosted drop rates, leveling rates and PA EXP rates. In exchange, if your character dies without a Scape Doll, it is deleted...

The Resurrection of a Forgotten Star

On September 27, 2012, a piece of all GUARDIANS' hearts was finally ripped away as SEGA officially closed all service for Phantasy Star Universe. PSU was loved by many, and hated by many. Many who sought after ways of reviving their beloved game ultimately failed in the end. Marmalade, the lead developer of Clementine, has put in years of hard work and dedication to the Clementine project to enable thousands to relive the fond memories of playing PSU online once again. No amount of thanks can show our appreciation towards him.

This resurrection could not have happened without the support of our community. Thank you to all who have supported us, whether it be from simple testing, or donating to our Patreon; your support is what has allowed Clementine to come to fulfillment. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! We hope to see you around the Gurhal System.

Getting Started

With all that sappy talk out of the way, please enjoy our Wiki and all its information it has to offer!

If you're new to Phantasy Star Universe, have a look at our getting started guide! Tips are also available for exploring the wiki.

Below, you can find links to major navigation points throughout the Wiki, as well as on the sidebar to the left under Game Info.

  • If you want to learn more about the planets of Phantasy Star Universe and their lore, visit Gurhal System.
  • To learn more about gameplay, visit Weapons, Photon Arts, Line Shields, Units, and Types. These pages provide general information for gameplay.
  • To learn more about rooms and their associated elements, please visit My Room.
  • To learn more about upgrading weapons, visit Grinding on the sidebar.
  • To learn more about fashion, visit Clothes and Parts.
  • To learn more about various missions and enemies in the game, please visit Missions, Enemies, and Bosses.
  • Finally, to learn more about Synthesis (crafting), please visit Item Synthesis.

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