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Item Synthesis is the process of creating certain items using base materials. These base materials can be obtained during missions or can be bought in shops.

Synthesizable Items

The following items can be synthesised:

Success Rate

The odds of success when synthesizing a particular item varies, depending on the item's type and rarity, and the levels of the Partner Machine used during the synthesis process. The higher level a Partner Machine is in a certain skill (striking, ranged, TECH, or armor) the better the chances of success are.

When syntheizing striking weapons, the minimum elemental percentage that can be synthed increases with the Partner Machine's level. At level 100, striking weapons will be synthesized with a minimum element of 20%.


To synthesize an item, synthesis boards must first placed into your Partner Machine. Up to 32 synthesis boards can be inserted into your Partner Machine at any one time. If another synthesis board is inserted after the limit is reached, you will be forced to remove a synthesis board before inserting a new one. Once the board is entered, the user has the ability to start synthesis. The required materials can also be seen at that point. Once the board is selected, the user can choose what materials to enter. Below is a table explaining the process in more detail

# Process
1 After inserting the synthesis board into your Partner Machine, you put into your Partner Machine's storage the proper materials the recipe calls for. An X to the left of the item means that you don't have the proper materials in the Partner Machine storage (you can't just have the items in your inventory, you must have those items in the storage).
2 Verify with your PM that the necessary ingredients are there. Note that the success rate for your item as well as the number of uses left that board has are displayed in the bottom left of the window.
3 Wait the specified amount of time. The stronger the item, the more time it takes. If it's a line shield, it takes even more time. Consumable items and conversion boards are instant. Note that you can cancel the synthesis and get back your materials should you have to. You can check on the status of your items, and how many resources have been used. Anything unused will be returned to you.
4 Finalize synthesis, and pick up your items. Picking up only applies to line shields, weapons, and room decorations. If the item has under a 100% chance of success, you will have a chance to fail the synthesis, and receive Scrap.

Ways of Synthesizing

Some items have a 100% success rate such as room decorations. Other items are synthesized immediately with no chance to fail such as consumables or grinders. Weapons and line shields require time to be synthesized, and can only be created one at a time (per board). After the craft time is over the item can be removed from the Partner Machine. Depending on the Photon added, the weapon or line shield will receive either a neutral element, chosen element with random attribute percentage, or a random element with random attribute percentage in rare cases.

  • 6★, 8★, and 10-12★ ranged weapon boards have the option to use Kubara Wood to produce a Kubara weapon - an illegal copy of the original.

Synthesis Times

Rarity Weapons Line Shields
1-3★ 00:05 00:05
4-6★ 00:30 01:00
7-9★ 01:00 01:30
10-12★ 01:30 02:00
13-15★ 02:00 02:30
  • Times are displayed in Hour:Minute format.