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The GUARDIANS Colony is owned and controlled by the GUARDIANS organization. The GUARDIANS Colony had modest beginnings as a small colony purchased as the home base for the organization. As the GUARDIANS grew larger, the colony was further developed into the huge residential colony it is today, with over a million permanent residents. The GUARDIANS travel all across the Gurhal System for missions, using a transportation system called "Vector Tracks" to reach each of the three planets. The Vector Tracks can be easily recognized due to their rows of ring-shaped control units.

The GUARDIANS Colony acts as the central station of Phantasy Star Universe. It is the location of My Room, the instanced room that each player owns. It is the starting point for new characters and contains several missions designed to familiarize a player to the basics of the game. It also has the largest city out of the planets with certain shops that are unavailable on the other planets.

Clyez City

Clyez City seen from the first floor.
Clyez City seen from the fourth floor.

Clyez City can be found at the center of the GUARDIANS Colony and is where the GUARDIANS Headquarters are located. Clyez City is broken up into five floors each with distinct shops and features.

First Floor

The first floor of the colony serves as a basic lobby and starting point for players to meet up, start parties, or chat. It is also where you will spawn if you decline continuing from an outpost or city area on log in. From here, you can access your room if you have not moved your room to another planet.

Second Floor

The second floor is a shopping mall that is used primarily for battle readiness. There is a weapons shop, armor shop, item shop, synthesis shop, and a grinding area for Kubara weaponry. The equipment in these shops tend to be low grade. If you want to find better equipment, you may have better luck at a manufacturer's shop at their home planet. However, Clyez City does hold a great variety of lower level equipment. There is also a room decoration shop located on this floor.

Third Floor

The third floor is another shopping mall, primarily for aesthetics, including a clothing shop, parts shop, and makeover shop. You can change the general look of your character in these shops for a certain amount of meseta. There is also a club located on this floor, however, it does not have a permanent use other than a meetup location. Finally, the Resident Security Department; Here you can exchange PA Fragments and BT Fragments along with other materials for new and powerful Photon Arts, including some that are exclusive to this location. You can also undertake special advanced missions as well as upgrade your character using the GAS system.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is the PPT Spaceport, where you can transport to the other planets using vector tracks. It also contains the Linear Line mission counter. There is also a "Space Dock" which transports Guardians to Infected SEED satellites.

Fifth Floor

The fifth and final floor is the GUARDIANS headquarters, where you can change your Type for a fee, participate in Special Missions to obtain BT Fragments and elemental spheres, access the Dark Crystal Seeker exchange mission, and during event periods, participate in special event missions.


The GUARDIANS Colony has four bosses that can be fought in various areas accessed from the multiple HIVEs and RELICS sites found in space around the Gurhal System. Dulk Fakis is a massive SEED-Form that is located in HIVEs throughout the Gurhal System. If the Dulk Fakis is able to rip away from the A-Photon Reactor and survive, it can transform into a monstrous second form known as Dulk Fakis 2. The God of Destruction, Dark Falz, can be located at the RELICS of Rykros, taking on a serpent-like form. If Dark Falz is defeated, he can transform into a terrifying recreation of Dulk Fakis 2, however, with mastery of all elements and god-like attacks. This form is known as Dark Falz 2.


There are multiple different areas that players can visit from the GUARDIANS Colony. Many of these areas only appear in missions, but some do appear as lobbies.