GM Raffles

From Phantasy Star Universe Clementine

GM Raffles are on-the-spot events that are run on special occasions. In most instances these will be announced in advance in the #events channel on discord and through an in-game banner, however during major events they may be done as a more random spur of the moment thing. In order to participate in standard raffles all you have to do is line up in the designated lobby announced on discord and in-game, and the GM doing the raffle will move down the line rolling on a random prize from a specific item pool for the day. Everybody present in the line will get their turn at a prize so be patient!

During big events, due to the large player influx and chaotic nature of the lobbies at the time, currently present player IDs will be randomly selected instead so not everyone will be chosen. The prize pools are still the same however.

In either raffle case, you must be present in the lobby at the time of the raffle in order to receive a prize. Upon receiving a prize, your player ID will be flagged and you will not be able to get selected again for another raffle prize for the day until the next raffle event occurs.

This page gives detail on the contents of the various raffle prize pools available.

Jukebox Discs

This prize pool contains nearly all unreleased Jukebox discs. A full list of discs included in the raffle can be found below:

Name Title
PSU Disc 2 Save This World: Orchestral Version
PSU Disc 4 With You
PSU Disc 5 For a Brighter Day
PSU Disc 6 For a Brighter Day: Orchestral Version
PSU Disc 7 For a Brighter Day: Remix
PSU Disc 11 Endrum Collective
PSU Disc 16 S.E.E.D.
PSU Disc 21 Ancient Civilization
PSU Disc 22 Mystery
PSU Disc 24 Tension
PSU Disc 25 Uneasiness
PSU Disc 26 Comedy
PSU Disc 27 Sadness
PSU Disc 28 Resolution
PSU Disc 30 Epilogue 1
PSU Disc 31 Epilogue 2
PSU Disc 33 Clyez City: GUARDIANS Colony
PSU Disc 34 Holtes City: PARUM
PSU Disc 36 Dagora City: MOATOOB
PSU Disc 38 Carnival
PSU Disc 44 Mellvore: The Abandoned City
PSU Disc 45 Milate 04
PSU Disc 46 Raffon Meadow
PSU Disc 51 Kugu Desert
PSU Disc 54 RELICS: Sleep
PSU Disc 55 RELICS: Awakening
PSU Disc 56 Z.C. Enemy 1
PSU Disc 60 Madness in the Machine
PSU Disc 61 The Hunt: The End of Planets
PSU Disc 62 Vibrations: The End of Planets
PSU Disc 63 The Last Story
PSU Disc 65 Striker
PSU Disc 66 Lunga
PSU Disc 72 Ethan
PSU Disc 73 Old Rozenom City
PSU Disc 80 Paracabana Coast
PSU Disc 82 Save This World - ν MIX
PSU Disc 83 Living Universe
PSU Disc 84 Deep Blue Edifice
PSU Disc 85 Sub-Space Labo
PSU Disc 86 El-Bals Mountain
PSU Disc 87 Ohtori Castle
PSU Disc 88 Jungle - A forest cage
PSU Disc 89 Confrontation
PSU Disc 90 Hunt Up
PSU Disc 91 More haste, less speed
PSU Disc 92 Dual Phenomenon
PSU Disc 93 Load of Blade
PSU Disc 94 Ignite Infinity
PSU Disc 95 Naked Sky
PSU Disc 96 Aire Iglesia
PSU Disc 98 Clast edge BLAVAS
PSU Disc 99 麒神衝天
PSU Disc 100 el DIOS Despertar
Rub Rabbits Disc The Rub Rabbits
FTM Disc Feel the Magic
PSO Disc 1 The Whole New World
PSO Disc 2 World With Me
PSO Disc 3 Tricktrack
PSO Disc 4 A Longing for Ancient Times
PSO Disc 5 You Have Nowhere To Go
PSO Disc 6 Nostalgia in Solitude PART2
PSO Disc 7 Rose Confession
PSO Disc 8 Day Dawns
PSO Disc 9 Abysmal ball - banquet -
PSO Disc 10 Underworld - chaos -
PSZ Disc 1 Crescent Crusade

Room Decorations and Redecoration Tickets

This prize pool contains rare and unreleased Room Decorations and Remodeling Tickets. A full list of all items included in the raffle can be found below:

Parum Fountain
Trap Panel
President's Chair
Magic Lamp
New World Table
New World Chair
Mimic Doll
Gnome Doll
Unknown 504
Ori Ori
Okiku Well
Maid Tablet
Green Lombos
White Shelving
Refreshing Green
Rappy Room
Lunga Room
Pannon Room
Koltova Room
Kakwane Room

S3 gear raffle

This raffle contains S3 tier gear intended to help out newer players.

Evil Meteor Shot
S-Gold Dagger
Lord Axeon Cross
Yonohate In
Wyn W
Divine Uzume
Swift Demise
Rainbow Baton
Meteor Cudgel
Divine Okanoc
Garanz Launcher
Soul Phoenix
Guilty Light
Wide Smack
Rabol Orachio
Lumirus / Kaos Knight
Feril / Cronos
Death's Nirvana
Noble Phantom
Knight Lancer
Darkness Ray
Divine Kamui
Pandora Extreme
Zero Blaster
Vijeri / Rainbow
Black Rebellion
Crescent Cast
Calamity Soul
Robopitch Grenade
Kokuintou Houzuki
Spark Fists
Metal Arke
Assassin Claw
Clad Shag
Ophidian Medusa
Meteos Arrow
Diamond Dust

Costume / Parts raffle

This raffle contains Clothes and Parts, mostly based off major and minor NPCs, as well as a few special Kakwane and Rappy suits that are unavailable elsewhere in the game.

Gold Rappy Suit M
Gold Rappy Suit F
Gold Rappy Parts M
Gold Rappy Parts F
Gold Kakwane Suit M
Gold Kakwane Suit F
Gold Kakwane Parts M
Gold Kakwane Parts F
Braves Custom
Braves Parts
Alfort Replica
Leo Replica
Dallgun Replica
Howzer Replica
Rutsu Replica
Alfort Parts
Leo Parts
Dallgun Parts
Howzer Parts
Rutsu Parts
Helga Replica
Helga Parts
Bruce Replica
Bruce Parts
Black Rappy Suit M
Black Rappy Parts M
Black Rappy Suit F
Black Rappy Parts F
Black Kakwane Suit M
Black Kakwane Parts M
Black Kakwane Suit F
Black Kakwane Parts F

Boost Tickets raffle

This raffle contains boost items, including a few previously unreleased ones, such as PA EXP +100%, MP +50% and Rare Enemy +50%.

EXP +25%
EXP +50%
EXP +100%
MP +25%
MP +50%
PA EXP +100%
PA EXP +200%
Drop Rate +25%
Drop Rate +50%
Drop Rate +75%
Drop Rate +100%
Meseta +25% - Meseta +50%
Rare Enemy +25%
Rare Enemy +50%