From Phantasy Star Universe Clementine

Here are some frequently asked questions and problems that you might come across while trying to install Clementine.


I'm new and have no idea where to start!

Where can I find people in-game?

  • A player finder function is available in-game, which shows the three most populated lobbies. Open the main menu (F1 or Start if you're using an XBox controller), choose the first option (Player Information), and then the first option again (Status). Lobby info is towards the bottom of that window, and you can scroll down to see additional information.
  • If you're looking for participants to run a particular mission, there's a Looking For Group channel on the Clementine Discord.

What's different between Clementine and retail PSU?

  • You can find more information on the differences between Clementine and the retail PSU releases here.

Where are the custom resolution options?

  • Click the tools icon near the top of the launcher to access extra custom game options like custom resolutions, increased enemy render distance, disabling startup logos, and disabling the opening video. Please note that while you can potentially push the resolution as high as you want, the UI will not scale with resolutions higher than 720p. It is generally not recommended to set the custom resolution higher than either 1080p or 1440p because of this. The default game options must also be set to 1280 x 720 before setting a custom resolution or the image will be stretched.

Why can't I access story mode?

  • Clementine is based on the Ambition of the Illuminus downloadable game client that was offered for free on the Japanese PSU website which did not include the offline (Episode 2) story mode component. Clementine also currently does not include any of the Story missions (Episode 2 & Episode 3) that were available online. In order to play the Episode 1 story you will need the retail base version of the game on either the PC, PS2, or Xbox 360. In order to play Episode 2 you will need the retail release version of Ambition of the Illuminus expansion on either PC or PS2. The Xbox 360 version of AotI was released as a "DLC" download only, is no longer available for purchase, and does not include Episode 2 offline. The retail PC releases may also have issues running due to the discontinuation of GameGuard support. In order to get around this you will need to find GameGuard removal patches. Japanese offline clients for both AotI and Vanilla with English patches can be found here.
  • Due to the nature of Episode 3 having been exclusively entirely online only on the official retail servers and clementine not currently having these story missions, at the time of this writing it is not currently able to be played through and considered "lost media". The only way to currently experience Episode 3 is by watching old low quality youtube video uploads of it.

Registration Issues

I registered but the game says the account doesn't exist!

  • Make sure you registered on the game launcher and not through the website / forum. Game and website accounts are separate.

I did that but I still can't log in!

  • Your username also must be registered in all lowercase, the launcher won't prevent you from using uppercase but you cannot input them in the username field on the log in screen. If you used uppercase letters when registering you will need to re-register with an all lowercase username. Passwords can be mixed case but they are case sensitive!

The launcher gave me an error when registering!

  • Sometimes under high network traffic the launcher may have difficulty registering accounts to the database. In the event that happens, you can still register an account through the in-game log in screen by inputting the desired credentials in the username and password field and appending "_n" (without quotes) to the end of the username you wish to use. Afterwards the game will instruct you to remove the _n appendix from the username and you should now be able to log in with your newly created account.

Technical Issues & Known Fixes

Error messages in Japanese when logging in

  • These usually relate to saving sign-in details. You will have enabled this in the launcher's options menu. There are two messages that may be displayed:

Available options are はい・いいえ

  • This menu is asking if you want to save your login info, because you've ticked the option in the launcher. Choose the top option (はい); the bottom option will just keep looping between two questions on the same subject. If you don't want to save your login data then close the game, open the options menu from the Launcher, and uncheck the box marked "Save ID and Password" before relaunching.

Available options are リトライ・いいえ

  • This menu is indicating there has been a problem saving login data. Neither option seems to do anything. Please try the following:
    • Run the game as administrator (you should have to be doing this anyway) and see if the issue resolves itself
    • If not, close the game, go into the launcher's options menu, and uncheck the box marked "Save ID and Password".

Error No. 45

  • Running the game as Administrator should resolve this issue - the game should always be run as Administrator.

PSU closing instantly

  • Any sort of Anti-Virus could be forcefully closing the application. Please add the Clementine install folder to the exceptions list on your antivirus; if full folders are not able to be excluded then ensure PSUC.exe and online.exe are excluded individually.
  • There is an issue with newer PCs and Laptops that have both an APU and a dedicated GPU, usually you can force the game to run on your dedicated GPU through some Windows settings and your GPU's control panel. However, in some cases you may be required to completely disable the APU in your systems BIOS in order for PSU to recognize the proper display adapter and run.
  • Some modern CPUs are completely incompatible with PSU natively running off of DirectX 9.0c and doesn't support emulated DirectX 9 on 12 implementation. In most cases, following the DgVoodoo2 Guide can get around this limitation by forcibly translating the rendering API to either DirectX 11 or 12. While this will work with most hardware configurations, some systems may still encounter problems running the game. Some players have reported severe game instability and crashing on newer AMD Ryzen CPUs. There is currently no known fix for this aside from trying to run the game on a different computer.

Game is freezing on "Awaiting response from lobby server."

  • This is caused by your CPU using too many cores running the game. You will need to lower the amount of active cores the game is using and there are two main ways to go about this.
  • With the game running, open the task manager and go to the details tab, find PSUC.exe, right click it and select "Set Affinity", then select only around the first 8 or so cores. You will need to do this every time you run the game. Alternatively, you can use Process Lasso to automatically set this for you.

Game is running slowly, stuttering, and overall experiencing poor performance.

  • This is the direct opposite problem of the above issue and is caused by your CPU running the game using too few cores. You will need to increase the amount of active cores the game is using.
  • With the game running, open the task manager and go to the details tab, find PSUC.exe, right click it and select "Set Affinity", then select only around the first 8 or so cores. You will need to do this every time you run the game. Alternatively, you can use Process Lasso to automatically set this for you.

Alt-tab Crash

  • PSU does not like the computer's focus being shifted, so it will crash upon leaving the window. Running the game in windowed mode is a quick fix to this problem. Installation of Borderless Gaming will allow you to run the game full-screen and also alt-tab away without causing it to crash.

Custom resolution not working

  • This is an issue with the current launcher only hooking into the first instance PSU is run after a PC restart. You can either use the launcher included with Gnome Glasses or restart your PC to fix this.

Controller has wrong button input

  • Default Config 2 in the controller settings replicates the Xbox 360 controller layout.

The Launcher will not connect

  • If the launcher is refusing to connect to the server, running PSUC directly from the installation folder as administrator should let you through.
    • If the launcher is displaying a red banner with the text "A Networking error has occurred", you may still be able to launch the game - give it a try, as on occasion the launcher displays a false positive for networking issues. The only times the game server is unavailable are during periods of unexpected downtime, and planned maintenance, the latter of which is announced on the announcements channel in the Clementine Discord.