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Elements in PSU are a basic property of striking weapons, Bullets, TECHNICs, Line Shields, and Enemies. They are based off the four Greek classical elements - Fire, Ground, Air (Lightning in PSU), and Water (Ice in PSU), with two additions - Light and Dark. Elements are a significant part of the gameplay in PSU. Enemies are weak to the element opposite to the one they are affiliated with, and elements also have distinct status effects associated with them.

Elemental Damage

In general, attacks purely of one element will deal additional damage to enemies of the opposite element, but less to enemies of the same one. The amount additional or less will be variable for Striking Weapons depending on their elemental attribute percentage. For example, if a weapon were to have an elemental attribute of 50%, then its damage will be increased or decreased by 50%, depending on the enemy's element. For Ranged Weapons this is the same, but the elemental attribute is decided by the level of the elemental bullet inserted and the type of ranged weapon. TECHNICs have their own elemental attribute, though it is not detailed in-game, and in addition if all TECHNICs on a TECHNIC weapon are of the same element, a further elemental attribute is granted as detailed in the weapon's menu.

Elemental damage dealt/received by an element that is neither weak nor strong (i.e. Fire damage against a Lightning enemy) is calculated as if that damage came from a Neutral source.

Neutral element striking weapons will now deal an extra 30% damage against neutral enemies.

Elemental Properties

Element: Neutral Fire Ice Lightning Ground Dark Light
Opposite: N/A Ice Fire Ground Lightning Light Dark
Status Effect: N/A Burn.gif Freeze.gif Shock.gif Silence.gif Infection.gif Confuse.gif
Photon Color: Neutral Icon.gif Fire Icon.gif Ice Icon.gif Lightning Icon.gif Ground Icon.gif Dark Icon.gif Light Icon.gif
Photons: Photon
Ban-photon Ray-photon Zon-photon Di-photon Megi-photon Gra-photon