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Clementine is based on the Japanese release of Phantasy Star Universe, and much of the content will be familiar for people who played that release. If you only played the Western releases, there's a couple of additional things that will be covered off later on. This list is non-exhaustive and is intended to provide a high-level overview of what's different between Clementine and the official JP PSU release.

Player characters

  • All racial and gender restrictions on items have been removed.
    • The exception to this is clothes and parts, which are still restricted by gender and whether your character is a CAST or not.
  • All stat differences between male and female characters of the same race have been normalised, and receive whichever value was higher on official for all stats.


Type statistics have been taken from the JP PSU server, and balanced further from there. JP types differed from the Western release in a few ways:

Clementine has not changed any of the weapon lists individual types can use, with the exception of Fighmaster and Masterforce gaining access to C-rank handguns. This is to allow these classes to solo content where buttons are located on walls/etc.

In addition, type modifiers and PA level availability for many classes have been adjusted:

  • Fighgunner - Slight stat buffs at lower type levels.
  • Guntecher - Slight stat buffs at lower type levels. Support TECHNIC cap raised to lv40 (from lv30).
  • Wartecher - Slight stat buffs at lower type levels. Attack TECHNIC cap raised to lv40 (from lv30).
  • Fortefighter - Bullet cap raised to lv30 (from lv20).
  • Fortegunner - Unchanged.
  • Fortetecher - buffs to ATP and ATA to improve Longbow performance.
  • Protranser - Significant stat buffs at lower levels.
  • Acrofighter - Unchanged.
  • Acrotecher - Bullet cap raised to lv30 (from lv20).
  • Beast and CAST racial bonuses have been removed from hybrid classes.

Stat gains for each type level gained have been flattened off (so Wartecher no longer gains about 20% of its stats from 19-20, and Protranser starts much higher and isn't completely miserable for the first few levels).

Basic type level requirements for each type have been adjusted:

  • Forte-types require 10 levels in a basic type, for 1000 MP (no change).
  • Acro-types require 7 levels in two basic types, for 1120 MP (up from 630 MP).
  • Other hybrid types require 7 levels in one basic type, and 5 in another, for 870 MP (up from 630 MP).

As of Update 25, the amount of MP required for basic types was reduced by 40%, so Forte-types require only 600MP, Acro-types require 620 and hybrids need 475.


Mission level requirements and enemy levels have been rebalanced, and it should not be assumed that something that dropped from a particular mission/grade on official will be replicated on Clementine. Full information on requirements, enemy levels and drops is available on the wiki at Missions; resources such as the Japanese wiki and PSUPedia should not be used for determining accurate information on Clementine mission requirements, enemy levels, or drops.

Photon Arts

Many photon arts have been rebalanced to try and give underused Photon Arts more of a purpose. Very few have seen reductions in power with the vast majority of changes being buffs - see Ikk Hikk for an example of a significant buff.

Some PA Fragment bullets have been completely reworked:

TECHNICs have had cast time adjustments.

  • Most attack TECHNICs now have the same cast time.
  • Support TECHNICs are variable in cast time:
  • Megistar has been reworked; it now buffs all team members within range in a single cast, but casts slower and its PP cost has been raised significantly. Tick damage is applied only to the caster.
  • Megiverse now knocks down on hit.
  • Foverse inflicts TP/MST Down (also known as Rendeel) on hit.
  • Ramegid has had its status effect changed from Confusion to Infection.


  • Striking weapons can now be synthesized at any percentage between 4% and 50%. On official, weapons would only synth at set intervals. With a level 100 Partner Machine of the appropriate type, striking weapons will be produced with a minimum element of 20%.
  • When dropping pre-made, striking weapons will drop at a minimum elemental percentage of 25% (or Neutral).
  • Neutral striking weapons deal an additional 30% damage to Neutral element enemies.
  • The price that NPCs will purchase weapons, units and line shields for has been reduced by about 75%.
  • Formulae have been revamped.
  • Photon Art leveling rates have been rebalanced, with the aim that Photon Arts will remain more relevant to your character level through normal use, rather than your character being at a level cap and their Photon Arts still being very low.
  • Grinding rates have been changed, and weapons can be repaired with GUARDIANS Cash, which is awarded for S-rank mission clears. More information available at Grinding.
  • The first mission run after logging on will never have a rare enemy spawn.
  • If a mission is abandoned before completion, the next mission run will never have a rare enemy spawn. A mission is completed when the mission clear rewards are given, and can be safely abandoned after this point with no penalty to rare enemy spawn chances.
  • EXP payout is boosted for characters at levels 1-160, with the boost percentage decreasing the closer to level 160 the character is.
  • EXP earned while at maximum level (when the EXP FULL message is displayed after an enemy is defeated) is converted into MP, at the rate of 50,000 EXP for 5 MP.
  • EXP earned at level 180 and above will also go towards AEXP, granting 1 AP every 500,000 EXP accumulated. AP can be spent on various GAS upgrades.

Additional things that might be new to non-JP players