De Ragnus

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The De Ragnus.

De Ragnus is a massive two-headed dragon that was found sleeping in the RELICS of Parum. The recent SEED attacks, combined with human investigation of the RELICS, have disturbed the De Ragnus and have caused it to attack anyone in the RELICS site. De Ragnus' two heads breathe fire and ice.


  • De Ragnus can trample players that are near its feet as it walks.
  • De Ragnus can swing its tail with a large swipe if players are near its tail for too long.
  • De Ragnus can slam the ground hitting any players in the radius and knocking them down.
  • De Ragnus can breathe fire, either in a concentrated stream when its head is raised, or multiple fire waves when its head is lowered.
  • De Ragnus can do a charge attack either away from players, or towards players, knocking them down if hit.
  • De Ragnus can take to the skies to perform a series of attacks such as breathing fire, spitting balls of fire or ice, or sweeping down across the landscape to hit anyone below him.
  • When De Ragnus prepares to land, anyone in the radius of its landing will be hit with a slam and knocked down.


HP 1790% ATP 250% ATA 300%
TP 240% DFP 250% EVP 150%
MST 140% STA 300% EXP 2300%
  • De Ragnus is Neutral Neutral Icon.gif element, making the fight more difficult since no attributes are effective against him.


De Ragnus will appear as the Boss in the following missions:


Special Drops C Rank Drops B Rank Drops A Rank Drops S Rank Drops S2 Rank Drops S3 Rank Drops S4 Rank Drops
Burn / Resist
De Ragnus Dorso
Dragon Scale
[B] Grinder S
[B] Grinder A
Neta Note
Twin Stinger
Twin Autogun
Twin Buster
Twin Sucker
[B] Graters
[B] Walker Line
[B] Assassin
[B] Falchion
Solid / Hit S
Yasminakov 0002
[B] Evil Twins
[B] Sweet Death
[B] Storm Line
Bloody Shower
Tri Magenta
Alam Bangle
Kisana Bangle
Tyrant Spada
Metal Arc Bow
Missouri S012
Innocent Mari
Rappy Barrel G
Evil Curst
x x