Dark Falz 2

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The God of Destruction, Dark Falz, fused to a Dulk Fakis.

Dark Falz 2, also known as Dark Falz Final, is the terrifying creation of Dark Falz fusing with the main body of a Dulk Fakis. Due to the massive amount of A-Photon energy coursing through Dark Falz, he is able to master every element and change between them at will.


  • Dark Falz is capable of casting all Ra-TECHNICs, as well as Megid from the monster attached to his tail. Falz 2 can also heal with Resta.
  • Dark Falz is capable of using debuffs that deal damage to the player, as well as placing the appropriate debuff upon them.
  • Dark Falz can charge up a massive amount of energy in his chest to release a devastating laser attack. This laser will poison players.
  • Dark Falz can use two giant swords that he manifested in each hand to swipe down towards the player.
  • Dark Falz's tail monster has a multitude of attacks. It can lash out at high speed down the arena hitting players in its path, then retracting towards the main body. The tail can also shoot Megid.
  • Dark Falz can turn upside down and prepare charging a cone-like laser attack that will come from his chest. He will sweep across the arena with the laser before flipping completely and circling the arena.
  • If Dark Falz is upside down, the tail can lower to the arena and perform an outward swipe away from the main body.
  • If Dark Falz is upside down, he can choose to slam his entire body on the arena, stunning and dealing damage to any player within range. Immediately after this attack, he will fire missiles from his back towards players.
  • Dark Falz can choose to come on to the arena entirely and begin spinning in circles, trapping unfortunate players. This attack can be easily avoided.
  • If Dark Falz has recently spun and is still on the arena, he will likely prepare to fly off the platform at high speed, vanishing into space. He will then come back to the platform at high speed from a random direction.
  • Dark Falz can choose to swipe from one side of the arena to the next with his tail and main body, hitting players on the arena.
  • If Dark Falz has taken extensive damage, he will manipulate the space around him, hurtling meteors down on the arena which have a chance to stun the player. During this attack, the camera will begin slowly zooming outward until a massive meteor comes crashing down on to the arena. This meteor deals massive damage, killing any player not fully healed. If the player lives, they will be burned. Dark Falz can use this attack while vanished.
  • When Dark Falz has lost nearly half his life, he has a chance to cast Divine Punishment. He will begin by taunting and casting Ramegid on every player at once. Shortly after, the sky above the arena will begin to charge up a tremendous amount of energy, shooting pillars of light onto the arena. Then, all players on the platform will be affected by a time dilation effect, and the arena will be blasted by a high-intensity beam of A-Photon energy that slowly grows in size, blinding all players and dealing massive damage to anyone near the beam. Dark Falz can use this attack while vanished. On difficulties where Falz's speed increases, this attack will end prematurely.
  • Since Dark Falz has mastery over all elements, he can choose to change element at will.


HP 2170% ATP 280% ATA 260%
TP 250% DFP 190% EVP 110%
MST 150% STA 100% EXP 2500%
  • Dark Falz 2 can be any element throughout the entire fight, making all attributes necessary. However, he will start the fight as Dark Dark Icon.gif element.


Dark Falz 2 will appear as the Boss in the following missions:


Special Drops C Rank Drops B Rank Drops A Rank Drops S Rank Drops S2 Rank Drops S3 Rank Drops S4 Rank Drops
Silence / Resist
Star Amp
[B] Grinder S
[B] Grinder A
Neta Note
Seva Bonga
Gudda Ribat
Tiller Look
Tero / Guard
[B] Hoza-senba
Flowen's Greatsword
Cubo Dunga
Rykros Staff
Tero / Wall
[B] Rogaduke
[B] Gudda Breba
Flowen's Greatsword
Card Regas
Rabol Cati
[B] Gudda Skela
[B] Hirokteri
[B] Gudda Hon
[B] Tesbra
Chaos Cannon
Nightmare Dust
[B] Cubo Tuma
The Tarot
Black Heart
Red Line
Lumirus/Power Chrg.
Kireek Soul
x x