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An imitation of a Coni, popular with rogues. While powered by an older reactor, repeated upgrading should bring it up to speed.

Item details

  • This weapon is an illegal Kubara copy of Coni.

Stats, Synthesis, etc.

Weapon Stats
Cat. TCSM Mfr. Kubara Rarity 11★ Ver. ClemLogo.png
PP 1361 Tech. 355 PP regen 6 Acc. --
368 Vari-
42 Status effect
Pricing information
Buy price N/A
Sell price 15770
Shop location Not for sale
Board stats
Photon El-photon x15 Ore Merculine x2
Metal Ydral x5 Wood Kubara Wood x5
[B] uses 1 Synth rate 50-100%
Synth time 1:30 [B] used [B] Conic
Grinding information
Stat 0/10 1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 6/10 7/10 8/10 9/10 10/10
PP 1361 1386 1416 1426 1458 1468 1485 1500 1532 1545 1582
Tech. 355 375 393 415 432 454 470 491 506 528 552
Drop information
Source Level Ver. Type
Paracabana Coast area 150-174 ClemLogo.png Board icon.gif
AMF Metro Linear area 150-174 ClemLogo.png Board icon.gif
Linear Line area 150-174 ClemLogo.png Board icon.gif

Prototype Info

Potential prototypesWhat's this?
Increased attack range {{{AR}}}
No variance C-NV0406
Enhanced element {{{EE}}}
Damage amplification C-DA0406
Status effect amplification C-SE0406
Fire damage amplification C-AMP-F0406
Ice damage amplification C-AMP-I0406
Electric damage amplification C-AMP-E0406
Ground damage amplification C-AMP-G0406
Light damage amplification C-AMP-L0406
Dark damage amplification C-AMP-D0406

Image gallery

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