Chat Macros

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This page is for using Chat specific macros, for all other functions that can be toggled with specific text input, see Chat Commands.

Chat Macros allow you to perform cut-in chat, change text colour, perform lobby animations from the chat box, and so on.


All commands are case-sensitive, so do not capitalize any of the macro commands.

  • Party chat: #[message text here]
    • Message is sent only to party members.
      • Example: #Hey guys, where are you? will send the message only to party members.
  • Animation shortcut: /[s]alt[animation code]
    • Your character will perform an animation. Note: Works only without a weapon equipped. See list of lobby animations.
    • Adding an s (for Shift) in your command will cause your character to perform the opposite gender's animation. Leave out to perform your own gender's animation.
      • Example: /alta will make your character do the "Angry" animation.
      • /salta will make your character do the opposite gender's "Angry" animation.
  • Cut-In Chat: @[s or c][Number1 0-9][Number2 0-3] [message text here]
    • Following an @ with an s will send your message as a shout bubble. Following an @ with a c will send your message as a thought bubble.
    • [Number1] (a numerical value from 0-9) determines which Cut-In Chat facial expression is sent.
    • [Number2] (a numerical value from 0-3) determines which direction the Cut-In Chat face is looking.
      • Example: @s00 Hello! will send a shout bubble with the Laugh Cut-In Chat expression facing forward, with the message "Hello!".
  • Color Font: {[color code]}[message text here]
    • Change the following text's color.
      • Example: {red}Hello! will send the message "Hello!" in red font. See below for a list of color codes.

Animation Codes

See the list of lobby animations that can be used in chat macros.

Cut-In Chat

  • 0 - Laugh
  • 1 - Smile
  • 2 - Wry smile
  • 3 - Surprised
  • 4 - Confused
  • 5 - Disappointed
  • 6 - Deep in thought
  • 7 - Sneer
  • 8 - Dissatisfied
  • 9 - Angry

Cut-in Chat can also be activated by holding Tab after typing in a chat message. This will bring up a menu that allows you to choose the expression and angle before sending the message.

Color Codes

  • {red} - Red
  • {blu}, {blue} - Blue
  • {gre}, {green}, {grn}, {gree} - Green
  • {yel}, {yellow} - Yellow
  • {ora}, {orange}, {org} - Orange
  • {pur}, {purple}, {vir} - Purple
  • {vio}, {violet}, {bro} - Violet *{Bro} is slightly lighter than purple.
  • {bei}, {beige} - Beige
  • {gra}, {gray}, {gry}, {bla}, {ble}, {bra} - Gray
  • {whi}, {white}, {whit} - White
  • {blk}, {black}, {pla} - Black

Off Color Codes

Some colors have a slightly different hue if the last letter in the color name if left out.

  • {orang} - Pale Orange
  • {yello} - Off Pink


/altf5 @c12 {red}b {ora}e {yel}e {gre}e {pur}s

Entering the above will make your character perform the "cheer" animation, provide cut-in chat, and display multicoloured text in a thought bubble, like this.


[A]/[B]alt[C] (space) @[D][E][F] (space) {[G]} Your Text

[A] = Party Chat [#] (Add # before any sentence to broadcast your message in party chat instead of public)
[B] = Opposite Gender's Animation [s] (s stands for shift, don't enter s for your gender's animation)
[C] = Character Animation [f1] Sit ~ [f12] Boredom, [a] Angry ~ [z] Bow
[D] = Text Bubble Style [s] Screaming Bubble [c] Thinking Bubble (Leave this category blank for default chat bubble)
[E] = CUT-IN Emotion [0] Smile ~ [9] Angry
[F] = CUT-IN Face Direction [0] ~ [3]
[G] = Font Color (Make sure you include the brackets {} for font color)
Shorthand: [#][/[s]alt(f1..f12|a..z) ][@[s|c](0..9)[0..3] ]<text>({<color>}<text>)*

[] = 0 or 1
() = group
|  = alternation
.. = range
<> = variable
*  = 0 or more
  • Command inputs are case-sensitive, leave your letters in lower-case.
  • To chat with Character Animations simply enter /[B]alt[C] Your Text
  • To chat with CUT-IN simply enter @[D][E][F] Your Text
  • To chat with colors simply enter {colorcode} Your Text
  • You can enter multiple colors in a message

Miscellaneous Chat Commands

  • /menu - Opens up the menu
  • /item - Opens inventory menu
  • /map - Opens up Map
  • /party - Opens party menu
  • /mail - Opens mail menu
  • /partnercard - Opens partner card menu
  • /shortcut - Opens shortcut menu