Chat Commands

From Phantasy Star Universe Clementine

This page is for using Chat commands for gameplay functions, for Chat specific commands, see Chat Macros.

Chat commands cover a wide variety of functions which are accessed by inputting simple text-based commands and variables.

Changing line shields

This command lets you change your equipped line shield on the fly, without having to sift through your inventory menus, a rather convenient feature, particularly if the necessity arises in the middle of a battle. The basic structure of this command is /command element inventory slot.

Command shieldline shield sl
Element neutral n
fire, flame f
ice i
thunder t
earth e
light l
dark d
Inventory slot A number indicating the location
of the line shield in your inventory.

For example, by typing /sl t, you will equip the first lightning line shield in your inventory. However, if you have three lightning line shields, you can use the inventory slot function to identify which one specifically you want to equip. By typing /sl t 2, you will equip the second of three line shields identified in your command. Keep in mind that if you pick up a line shield that fits the criteria of one of your elemental and numeric commands, you risk throwing off your ordering.

Changing weapons

This command enables you to change equipped weapons on the fly without having to browse your action palette. Instead, you will jump directly to a predefined slot on your action palette. The basic format of this command is /command action palette slot.

Command weapon wp
Action palette
A number from 1 to 6 indicating
a slot on your action palette.

Action palette slots are identified by counting down from the first empty slot, indicated by two white dashes in your palette. The first slot below the empty slot is 1, the second is 2, etc.

Using Consumables

Some consumables can be used from the chat box, and also set as chat shortcuts for easy access. The basic format is /usecons Consumable.

Command usecons
Consumable monomate


This command lets you easily add a person to your blacklist. The basic format is /command user ID.

Command blacklist bl
User ID The user ID of the person you
want to add to your blacklist.

Lobby actions

This command lets you perform male and female lobby actions, regardless of your character's gender. The basic format is /command lobby action. Spaces are shown between words here for clarity, however when using this command, do not include spaces between the command and lobby action.

Command malt falt
Lobby action f2-f12, 0-9, a-z

By typing /falth, your character, regardless of gender, will perform the female nanoblast animation. Likewise, /malth will perform the male nanoblast animation.

The only lobby action which does not work with this command is f1 (sit on the ground). While typing /faltf1 or /maltf1 will make your character sit on the ground, they will only perform the action using the animation for their gender. The full list of lobby animations is available here.

Online status

This command lets you set your own unique status to be displayed above your character's head. The basic format of this command is /command status.

Command os
Status The text you would like
to use for your current status.

By typing /os Looking for a party!, the text "Looking for a party!" will be displayed above your character's head. Whatever text you set as your current status will remain in effect until you clear it. Your online status can be cleared by typing the basic command, /os.

Character name view

This command lets you set the style you would like to view character names and information as it appears over character heads. The format of this command is /command style.

Command name
Style O, o No display
N, n Name only
L, l Name and level
A, a
I, i
P, p
Partner card number
T, t
J, j
Type and type level

For example, by typing /name p, each player's partner card number will be displayed above their head. If you enter the basic command without a style specified, /name, character information will default to name and online status.

Miscellaneous Chat Commands

  • /menu - Opens up the menu
  • /item - Opens inventory menu
  • /map - Opens up Map
  • /party - Opens party menu
  • /mail - Opens mail menu
  • /partnercard - Opens partner card menu
  • /shortcut - Opens shortcut menu
  • /card - Draws a random card from a standard deck of cards.
  • /card # - # can be 1-6. Draws the specified number of cards simultaneously.
  • /random - Generates a random number between 0-1000. (you can also use /rand)
  • /noblind - Enables/disables the display of other players' high level TECHNICs. When enabled, this will show other players' TECHNICs at lv20 or below.
  • /dropnotice - Enables/disables the message that scrolls when a rare item drops.
  • /nosprinkles - Disables the bonus EXP scaling mechanic for lower-level characters.
  • /noheal - Disables healing received from other players, allowing players to fully manage their own HP (for the benefit of HP Affects Power and Revenge Blaster).
  • /nobuff - Disables buffs received from other players, this will also disable receiving buffs (and the Megistar damage over time effect) from others use of Clementine's Grace.
  • /unitfx - Toggles Extra Unit visual effects on or off. If toggled mid-mission, takes effect after swapping Units/Line Shield or changing blocks.