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A multitude of items can drop from boxes found throughout Gurhal, but the type of item you receive may depend partially on the type of box opened. This article will detail the variety of box drops that exist in Phantasy Star Universe.

Normal Boxes

The most common type of box found scattered about Gurhal is described simply as a normal box. Generally speaking, these boxes will contain consumables, room decorations and various photons, metals, wood, and hard materials. In the case of photons and metals, the type found will depend on the area where they drop. Similarly, types of wood and hard materials depend upon the planet in which they are found.

Some Normal Boxes (and also Clear Boxes) are referred to as armor boxes as they usually contain Line Shields, boards or hard materials. Items that drop from these boxes are listed separately on the armor box page instead of on every mission that contains them, for ease of viewing.

  • Please note: Fruit type boxes are not currently working on Clementine and will not drop any items.

Special Boxes

Special boxes describe any box which cannot be reached by normal means. Generally speaking, this type requires the cooperation of multiple people to activate a set of floor switches to clear a path to the boxes. The contents of special boxes can range from rare gemstones to unique biomaterials and in the case of rare missions, special boxes are known to contain a variety of powerful weapons.

Clear Boxes

After a mission has been completed, either by defeating all of the enemies in the area or by taking down a major boss, often times a set of boxes will appear in the final room as a reward to the party. These are known as clear boxes. Aside from the common items you would find in a mission's normal boxes, these containers also have a chance of dropping various weapons, line shields, units and synthesis boards. Please note that the boxes which appear following the defeat of a major boss are identified in the drop charts by the name of the boss.

Reward Boxes

Reward boxes are guaranteed after clearing certain missions and will always contain specific items inside when broken open. These boxes don't typically have a visual distinction from clear boxes, however they will always contain a set amount of BT Fragments, mission dependent Elemental Spheres, and Gold W. Badges. Secondary reward boxes will always drop rare synthesis materials, but only the type and rarity of the materials are predetermined. Out of the secondary reward boxes, one will always provide either a random Pyroxene or Chronoseline and another will always provide a random 13* Metal.

GDR Special Box

The GDR Box appears at the end of Guardians Drop Road missions containing a set list of potential S4 items in it and double their drop rate (with the exception of Ultimate Sword). This box will always roll for and drop three items with an "unlucky" roll resulting in a Grinder Base S.

Drops and "tiering down"

On mission and item pages, you'll find a table describing both where an item can be found, and on what difficulty. For box drops, it should be noted that this is the minimum difficulty an item can be found on; so for an item like Muktengek which drops on Citadel of Sand S, it will also drop from the same boxes in higher ranks of the mission too. As a rule of thumb you will find items in boxes of one and two ranks higher, but there are times where items can be found across four or more ranks of the same mission.

How boxes work

When a box is opened, the server performs a few calculations which determine what you receive:

  • Roll area rate
  • (if applicable) Roll for box contents

The area rate determines whether you get a chance to roll on the contents of the box (if you roll higher than the area rate) or if you get something from the area drop list (if you roll lower than the area rate). A good example of this is Wicked Invasion, which had the same drops across C-S2; however the area drop roll was harder to pass in lower difficulty ranks, so you were more likely to get something out of the box on a higher rank.

Area rates and box contents rates are not visible in-game or on the wiki.

The Box contents roll simply determines what item you get from the box. There are usually about 10 items in a box, though there are some exceptions like Pinata Boxes which contain in excess of a hundred items. The average box contains both the contents listed, and items from previous ranks (as described in Drops and "tiering down").