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Blowaway is one of the side-effects of certain Skills or Bullets. Unlike a status effect, the enemy does not gain a certain status, but undergoes a physical action, which may impede its ability to strike back at you. The side-effect is also known as knockback.


The sort of physical impediment the enemy undergoes depends on the enemy itself. But usually the same category of enemies undergoes nigh-on the same side-effect. It also sometimes depends on where you hit the enemy (from behind, the side, or the front), as to how effective the side-effect is.

  • Small Enemies: They will fly several meters in the direction you hit them, making backflips as they go.
  • Medium Enemies: These will be sent flying a certain distance, landing on their belly, depending on how and where you hit them.
  • Large Enemies: The effects vary. Most common are flinching, tripping and falling over.

Combinations of Side-Effects

Some side-effects stack up. Blowaway does not. However, if you hit an enemy that is already in the air because of Launch, with blowaway, that enemy will fly further then when you would have hit it with blowaway, if it was on the ground.

By using blowdown repeatedly on a large enemy which can not undergo Blowdown, Blowaway, or Launch, you can stunlock the enemy. If timed correctly, the enemy will keep flinching while taking damage from your shots, and will not be able to take physical action. It will die without having been able to retaliate.