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Areas in Phantasy Star Universe are fields used in missions. Each area has a set of drops that share among any mission in that area. These drops can come from boxes and enemies.

GUARDIANS Colony Parum Neudaiz Moatoob
Linear LineHIVERykros RELICSMysterious RuinsClad 0Sacred Ark Crowley Raffon Meadow · Raffon Lakeshore · Train · Seabed Plant · RELICSAMF Metro LinearOld Rozenom CityAMF HQMysterious MinesInhelt LaboratorySeabed RELICSParacabana Coast Mizuraki C.D. · Agata Islands · Old Hakura Temple · Saguraki C.D. · RELICSPavilion of AirHabirao F.D.Mysterious Caves
Ohtori Castle
Kugu Desert · Galenigare CanyonGalenigare MineGranigs MineVio TongaIl Cabo BaseMoatoob RELICSMysterious Forest
Mt. ElbarsCrodog Jungle