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  1. 1. Would you like to see Acrogunner added

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So ive always wanted to see an Acrogunner ever since my time on JP, I put the idea to the mods/dev team and the majority seemed FOR it, Marm would like to see how the community feels about it.. I feel a poll might suffice.

Acrogunner is guntecher stripped of its techer abilities then given some speed boost steroids. It will be a solo hit box expert, its been given sleep traps to help deal with mobs, dropping a sleep trap while focusing down 1 enemy at a time etcetc, the A rank grenade launcher is just for bosses.. 

Some unconfirmed ideas =

- A gas ability for faster strafing (crossbow,cards, machine gun , handgun are all strafe heavy)
- I believe in the near future it would be fair to suggest a buff to (machine guns,grenade launchers,cards,longbow) this would buff GT, FG etc, but would also stop AG being an only crossbow class. this spreadsheet below shows the dmg numbers, some do need pulled up.

vdvdvd.png- ( Big thanks to Randomz) Showcasing that AG is not OP or underwhelming. 

If you've got any ideas/suggestions feel free to put them forward.


The A ranks arent currently working on AG,  we think its being recognised as a masterclass. this will be fixed in due course 🙂 go crossbow crazy in the meantime

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Very fun concept, this class will give those who have been wanting to use weapons like Machinegun and Crossbow S ranks but don't want anything to do with the "techer" side of GT their opportunity to play with these weapons.

I'm all for it, provided we get some weapons added for the A ranks, like better Grenade Launchers and Longbows in the future.

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18 minutes ago, Ronald Mcdonald said:

This is a great idea. But for me personally I would like for Grenade Launchers to be S rank. So that S rank grenades could be utilized more.

I too agree that S rank would be a lot more fun to play with, the only reason i haven't is because AF/AT doesn't get any two-handed S ranks... I didn't want to make AG be the only acro class that does. However I do think some S rank 12* 13* grenade launchers should be change to A rank. perhaps that could be a happy medium.

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Not to bump an old topic, but I thought of some additions/changes that might make this better overall.

Assumptions on this plan:
Humans get 5% stat boost
Base Animation Speed is 20% faster
80% PP recovery boost on weapons that use Bullets

Add a projectile to cards at level 31.
Prerequisite class levels identical to Acrofighter (7 Hu/7 Ra)

Cap bullets at 40. This class should be the inverse of Acrofighter, which is Skill 40 Bullet 30. No need to go higher.
Twin Claws to replace Twin Daggers with A-Rank cap.
1 Hand Dagger over 1 Hand Saber.
I thought of some Class Level Up Bonus Stats should be the same % total as Acrofighter (1286), but flipped around (see chart)

1 97% 103% 120% 122% 102% 215% 90% 120%
20 133% 147% 172% 155% 130% 255% 120% 120%
100 140% 155% 185% 155% 130% 280% 121% 120%

Might need some tweaking but i think this will provide a rough idea of what i think would be a bit more balanced than just going with AF stats and flipping ATA/ATP and DFP/EVP stats around. MST has been given a slight buff. TP unchanged as it's irrelevant to classes that don't use techs.

Omissions from OP:
No Boost to strafing speed. Unnecessary with attack speed boost

Other Minor Recommendations:
Possibly give a small ATA/ATP penalty to crossbows while using this class. Crossbows are already incredibly good, basically a one handed shotgun. Otherwise, remove crossbows from this class and add A rank twin sabers or knuckles.
Swap Grenade Launchers wtih Lasers. Acrofighter seems to be mostly about speed and ability to move. Grenade launchers don't fit Acro's calling card imo.

Note: I especially like the idea of using A rank Bow here.

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