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Character Updates As Of November 2019

Jessica Stark

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So I'm back, i know it may seem that i took a 2 month break as i have not been seen anywhere on PSU since at least back in August...but i won't get into that. I'm here just to update you on what has happened since my absense, and what i'm about to change...they are as follows:

1: Jessica Stark has still been hunting down clones of people, she has not been using Project Iron Girl to do so, and Amanda the A.I has still been operating in the labs. Jessica Stark might consider stepping down from being a scientist, and move on to just living a normal kid life until she reaches Teen hood.

2: The Cloning Project has been regarded as redundent and pointless, as such Experiment 24 and E41, have been brought in for deactivation...E24 was given a chance to live a new life as herself...but the higherups after many meetings have finally concluded...it's impossible for obvious reasons, as E24 was made to be Midori, an exsisting Gurdian Newman. E41 was clearly also made to eventually become an exsisting CAST called Lucy Miya...E41 will now be deactivated, dismanteld and no longer operational.

3: Amelia, Jessica Stark's Cousin, has been returned home to her parents...As Jessica could not be there everyday for her.

4: Experiment 626, who left the company back in June...has been found to have finally reached her end...she passed away in October...

5: New Fighter's might be joining Jessica's Company, in hopes of finding a place that's right for them. They also have a troubled History, and feel Jessica's Company can help them. One is a Newman, born and only slightly raised before she decided to leave home...the other is a beast, very bad tempered, and doesn't follow rules...both have survived together once they met on Moatoob.

(And That's the Update...expect the next one to be made in January ^^

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