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Unofficial Bugs Master List

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Hello, and welcome to the Unofficial Phantasy Star Universe Clementine Bugs Master List! This is a large list comprising known bugs, separated in to categories. Each known bug will be listed with the following 5 bulletpoints of information: Description, Rarity, Severity, Affected, and Solutions. These should be self-evident in what they are. Let's dive right in, shall we?


  • Equipment View Failure - Reported on Discord
    • Description: You cannot view other player character's equipment, photon arts, clothing, and the like. It shows up blank.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: The Mildest
    • Affects: Everyone!
    • Solutions: N/A. Wait for it to be fixed.


  • Moonlight Beast: Missing Key - Reported by GH 470
    • Description: Moonlight Beast is missing a key in either Block 1 or 2, depending on the variation. It appears, but does not register as taken when picked up.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Moderate Pain
    • Affected: Moonlight Beast
    • Solutions: N/A. Play other missions.
    • Details: Whether this affects all variations of this mission or not is unknown.
  • Boss Retry Freeze - Reported by Soap.
    • Description: Upon entering, failing, and re-entering the boss portal, Bosses will fail to spawn.
    • Rarity: Specific Trigger
    • Severity: Moderate Pain
    • Affected: All missions with Boss warps.
    • Solutions: N/A. Log out if this occurs.
  • Phantom Enemies - Reported by MapleBacon
    • Description: Joining a mission that is already underway will sometimes produce invulnerable foes, invisible to other members of the party.
    • Rarity: Trigger Unknown / Specific Trigger
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance
    • Affected: All available missions
    • Solutions: Currently, you can either use /reload to try and rid yourself of them, or you can just walk past them. They cannot be killed.
  • All Bosses: Boss Warp "Yes" Option Softlock
    • Description: Hitting "Yes" on the Boss Warp will softlock all players in the warp.
    • Rarity: Specific Trigger
    • Severity: Moderate Pain
    • Affected: Missions featuring bosses.
    • Solutions: Don't press Yes, just wait for all players to enter the warp.
  • Onmagoug: Immortal Glitch - Reported by RiggedGaming
    • Description: If you kill Onmagoug after damaging its wings, it will become immortal while still being able to damage players. EXP is given.
    • Rarity: Specific Trigger
    • Severity: Moderate Pain
    • Affected: Missions featuring Onmagoug, and possibly Dimmagolus as well.
    • Solution: Don't kill it after damaging its wings. In fact, don't target the wings at all until this is fixed.
  • Desert Goliath S3: Wrong Level Requirement
    • Description: Desert Goliath requires lv105+ when it should require 100+ per PSUPedia.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance
    • Affected: Desert Goliath S3
    • Solution: N/A.


  • Enemy Variations: EXP Buff Failure
    • Description: Enemies with Variations are supposed to offer increased EXP upon defeat. Currently, they do not.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue.
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance.
    • Affected: Variant Enemies
    • Solutions: N/A


  • All Classes, MP Gain: Visual Failure - Reported on Discord.
    • Description: The MP Bar in the Types List is always empty.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Minor Annoyance
    • Affected: All Classes
    • Solutions: N/A


  • Machineguns: No Natural PP Regen - Reported by Kapplejuice
    • Description: Machineguns do not regenerate PP after expenditure, even upon reaching close to 0 PP.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue.
    • Severity: Minor Annoyance.
    • Affected: All Mechgun-type weapons.
    • Solutions: N/A. Don't rely on Mechguns.
  • Equipment Combos: Staying Failure
    • Description: Changing weapons back and forth will reset an equipment combo, nullifying the bonus.
    • Rarity: Specific Trigger
    • Severity: Moderate Pain
    • Affected: Equipment Combos
    • Solutions: Unequip and reequip the armor associated with the combo to refresh it and regain the bonus.
  • Various Weapons: Incorrect Element Drops
    • Description: Some weapons drop with all elements when they should drop with only one or two.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: The Mildest
    • Affected: The following weapons are known.
    • Solutions: N/A


  • Bulletin Board: Interaction Softlock - Reported by Matt
    • Description: Attempting to use most features of the Bulletin Board in your My Room will cause a softlock. You must close the game if this happens to escape it.
    • Rarity: Specific Trigger
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance
    • Affected: The "My Room" bulletin board.
    • Solution: N/A. Do not use the bulletin board.
  • Vanilla Room Types: Decoration Failure - Reported by Phoenix
    • Description: Non-expansion room models cannot have decorations placed in them. Even if you hit Yes, the item will not place down.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: The Mildest
    • Affected: My Rooms
    • Solution: N/A. Don't use Vanilla Rooms for now.
    • Details: This bug does not affect items that are grayed out - those are Expansion decorations and could never be placed in Vanilla rooms.
  • Search by Condition: Partial Failure - Reported by MellyMellisa
    • Description: Search by Condition can use names and minimum prices, but not minimum rarity or item type.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance
    • Affected: Shop Search
    • Solution: N/A
  • Room Decor: Interaction Softlock - reported by various users.
    • Description: Trying to access any room decoration with an interactive feature will softlock you.
    • Rarity: Specific Trigger.
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance
    • Affected: The following decorations are known to have interactive features, and are thus affected.
      • Cactachair
      • The Bell series
      • Fan
      • Faucet
      • Mimic Doll
      • Photon Gacha
      • Sandbag
      • Yooga Mat
      • A Little Something
      • BT Box
      • Card Board
      • GRM Express
      • WD Box
      • Xmas Box
    • Solution: Don't use interactable room decorations. Other than that, N/A.


  • Options Menu is in Japanese / Options Menu is all Question Marks - Reported on Discord.
    • Description: Title above. The Options Menu, accessed from the launcher, does not display properly in English.
    • Rarity: Very Common.
    • Severity: Major Hindrance.
    • Affected: Launcher Options Menu.
    • Solutions: Press Windows Key + R to open Run. Enter %localappdata% and hit Enter. Go to the SEGA folder, then the PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus folder. Open the Psuilluminus.ini file inside with a text editor, and find the line LANGUAGE=J. Change it to read LANGUAGE=AE. Retain any spacing the file already had. Save the file and reboot your launcher.
  • Severe Slowdown: Core Affinity / Frame Skip Issues - Reported on Discord.

    • Description: You may experience severe slowdowns during gameplay, especially while turning or casting technics (spells). This is because of one of two things, if it's not your machine being crap. See Solutions below.
    • Rarity: Common
    • Severity: Moderate Pain.
    • Affected: Gameplay.
    • Solutions: For Affinity, open Task Manager and go to the Details tab. Find PSUC.exe, right click it, and click Affinity. Tick all the boxes. For Frame Skip, open the Launcher and go to options and simply change your Frame Skip setting and test it out until the slowdown lessens or vanishes.
  • Custom Resolution Failure - Reported many times on Discord.
    • Description: You cannot currently launch the game with most custom resolutions. They do not want to work.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue.
    • Severity: Moderate Pain.
    • Affected: Custom Resolution Clients.
    • Solutions: N/A. Use a supported / working client.


  • Noszonde & Nosmegid: No Knockdown at Lv21 and Up - Reported by Midori Hoshi.
    • Description: Title.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Moderate Pain.
    • Affected: Noszonde, Nosmegid.
    • Solutions: N/A. Use these techs carefully.
  • Deband & Retier: DFP/MST Scaling Is Bad
    • Not really a bug, but it's worth mentioning until it's changed. If only because several people have reported it as a bug.
  • Zodial: Nonfunctional
    • Description: Zodial, the Lightning-element buff, does not currently offer an ATA Boost when used. Nor does it offer EVP.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance
    • Affected: Zodial.
    • Solutions: N/A.
  • Debuffs: Total Failure
    • Description: None of the debuffs inflict their matching effects, currently.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Moderate Pain
    • Affected: All debuffs
    • Solutions: N/A
  • Boma Maga: Freeze Failure
    • Desc: Boma Maga does not freeze foes on hit.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: Mild Annoyance
    • Affected: Boma Maga
    • Solutions: N/A. Wait it out.


  • Asteria Guarder: Color Mixup - Reported by PhiLight
    • Description: The color selections of Asteria Guarder are all mix-matched with each other. For instance, Black x Black turns out pink.
    • Rarity: Constant Issue
    • Severity: The Mildest
    • Affected: Asteria Guarder
    • Solution: N/A

The list may be small now, but in time it will grow. Keep reporting, Guardians!

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1 hour ago, JCGamer said:

@LadyRena the PA granade Luancher Boma Maga is not giving 100 % 3 hit target the PA for not giving no status effect 

here the original stats for Boma Maga

LV tier LV1-10 LV11-20 LV21-30 LV31-40 LV41-50
Att. 122-140% 142-160% 162-180% 182-200% 202-220%
Acc. 25% 25% 25% 25% 27-45%
Ele. Neutral 0% Neutral 0% Neutral 0% Neutral 0% Neutral 0%
Stat. eff. Freeze LV1 Freeze LV1 Freeze LV1 Freeze LV1 Freeze LV2
Bullets 1 hit 1 en. 1 hit 2 en. 1 hit 3 en. 1 hit 3 en. 1 hit 3 en.
Hit effect 70% 80% 90% 100% 100%
PP cons. Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM
30 24 -- 35 28 -- 40 32 -- 45 36 -- 50 40 --

I can't honestly say I fully understand what the bug you're reporting is; Boma Maga is supposed to inflict Freeze on hit, 70/80/90/100% of the time to 1/2/3 targets per this chart, with a 25% accuracy rating?

Is it not freezing at all or something?

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Posted (edited)

When Boma Maga hits, it's supposed to freeze things. It's hitting for damage, and not freezing things. (I have no idea if that is the case of how it actually works, but that is what he is trying to say.)

Edited by Seed Express

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Samegid not hitting correct amount of targets, Aoe range is not correct and visual effect looks like lvl 1 (range could also be why it's no hitting the correct amount of targets)

LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV6 LV7 LV8 LV9 LV10
Consumption PP 32 (fT: 25 / MF: 38)
effect Infection LV2
HIT number 3 body × 8 HIT
  LV11 LV12 LV13 LV14 LV15 LV16 LV17 LV18 LV19 LV20
Consumption PP 40 (fT: 32 / MF: 48)
effect Infection LV2
HIT number 5 bodies x 11 HIT
  LV21 LV22 LV23 LV24 LV25 LV26 LV27 LV28 LV29 LV30
Consumption PP 48 (fT: 38)
effect Infection LV3
HIT number 5 x 14 HIT
  LV31 LV32 LV33 LV34 LV35 LV36 LV37 LV38 LV39 LV40
Consumption PP 56 (fT: 44)
effect Infection LV4
HIT number 5 x 18 HIT
  LV41 LV42 LV43 LV44 LV45 LV46 LV47 LV48 LV49 LV50
Consumption PP 64
effect Infection LV5
HIT number 6 x 21 HIT


Foverse not gaining Correct amount of hits.

level Duration Endurance
LV 1-10 2 minutes and 40 seconds Ten
LV 11 to 20 3 minutes and 20 seconds 10 × 2
LV 21-30 4 minutes 10 × 3
LV 31 to 40 4 minutes and 40 seconds
LV 41-50 5 minutes and 20 seconds



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Posted (edited)

So i got Megid killed as Nanobeast in Black Nest and Revived by a party member - Stuck as nanobeast unable to damage things just like before the Nanobeast fix.

Edited by animaPSUclem

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35 minutes ago, animaPSUclem said:

So i got Megid killed as Nanobeast in Black Nest and Revived by a party member - Stuck as nanobeast unable to damage things just like before the Nanobeast fix.

Were you using the blue one?

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sorry i dont know where else to do this but, got a bug im not sure its been reported on before

Fight for Food A rank supposed to have a b4 spawn of 1+2 seed-vance on every variant, sometimes its still only 1 depending on variant,
i havent yet tested on S or higher ranks

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