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I need to test some more, but noticed issue with Parum De Ragan not taking bonus dragon - and when I cleared map it showed no bonus under status.

Kego Clearing Lightning Dragon seems to work.

It seems when switching to 13* Laser- Tartaros Cannon is keeping the Bonus Damage & Stamina boost, but  13* Clad Cannon does not have Bonus and reverts back to normal stats.

* Tartaros  seems bugged and not supposed to get that bonus

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I've just purchased an S012 and can confirm that this behaviour occurs for me too.

You can work around it by carrying a second armour of a different element and using macros to switch to the other armour and then back to your Quebbler Suit - appreciate it's not ideal but trivialises the faff required.

Wonder if it activates the bonus if you switch from one Quebbler Suit to another. I only have one and have logged off for the night so won't be checking for a little while 🙂


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On 10/18/2019 at 12:12 AM, strawdonkey said:

Wonder if it activates the bonus if you switch from one Quebbler Suit to another. 

Update: it does. I find that I have to switch armour at the start of every block (if I'm holding the Missouri at the end of the previous block) and if I switch away from the Missouri to use another weapon, when I switch back to the Missouri I also have to switch armour again to get the set bonus back.

Switching between two Quebbler Suits works the same as switching away from a Quebbler Suit to a different armour and back.

I'm doing this using the chat macros - the only pain is that if I'm already wearing the armour element that I want to switch to, I have to switch away from it first as running the command to switch to the armour I'm currently wearing doesn't seem to unequip and re-equip the piece of armour.

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The damage is really off on Shotgun bullets.  It can be off anywhere from 500-1,000+ damage per bullet.

With the Set Bonus -  From a short distance the damage is compared to a 9*  10/10 Spread Gale.   

The closer you get you see a substantial increase in damage by almost double but it's 60-70% of the time.

When I'm literally standing on top of any monster and have my shotgun completely shoved into it, there is a sweet spot  somewhere inside the monster.


If completely facing the front or back of monster , I get full Bonus Damage.   But if Im shifted Left or Right on a 90-degree angle slightly,  I can be off 500-1000+ damage, regardless if a distance or w/ gun completely shoved into monster.   There a sweet spot and have to move and shift around a lot



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