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Ronald Mcdonald


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Sooo, incap has been the topic of a lot of people i played with recently. The power of megid is strong however with more and more abilities being nerfed i feel as if a megid nerfing will eventually be overnerfed. As a WT my megid incap is not that strong but it does give me some satisfaction when it does cause incap. I would personally not like to have my low level megid nerfed. But if it must here is my suggestion.


This suggestion is not a temporary answer but possibly an answer in the long term. Talk about the introduction of GAS into Clementine makes me wonder if incap level 4 could be something that is pushed into a higher level that is accessed through farming points for GAS, possibly being a fair price to ensure this key game feature isnt nerfed into oblivion. Im not a MF, i probably will never be a MF. But i do enjoy my tiny inferior megid. 


Another fear for me is if Incap is nerfed to have a lower percentage chance, then my assassins traitors incap will be nerfed to have a lower percentage as well. My claws have sometimes a hard time being able to proc themselfs but in the current my rainbow palette is perfect for me.


This is just a suggestion though all these updates and quality of life improvements are so amazing and incredibly fun as always!! 


Cheers 🍔

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