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Server Maintenance - 10th October 2019


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:615042073258885152:Skadd Is Nerfed :615042073258885152:

  • Fixed an issue with Boma Maga not having a 100% Freeze Rate
  • Fixed an issue with Reflect Damage not working for Regrant.
  • Fixed an issue with many, many weapons having 0 Times Status Effect infliction rate.
  • Fixed an issue with Rods, Wands, TCSM's, and RCSM's not gaining element damage bonus.
  • Fixed Line Shield hidden stat calculation for ATP, ATA, and TP.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could spawn in a broken mission map, seemingly at random.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not appear in the lobby if they had not moved for 5 or more minutes.
  • Fixed an issue where PA boosts on weapons were being doubled.
  • Fixed an issue where Boss AI would crash the server if a player died and left the arena.
  • A notification will now display, as well as a sound, when a rare weapon or line shield is dropped.
  • Mission boxes now have the correct items corresponding to mission rank.
  • Changes to a world initialise packet. Let me know if any new weird behaviour occurs!


  • Changes to the rare mission calculation rate (again):
        Base chance of obtaining a rare mission was increased slightly. We'll see how it is over the next week.
  • Changes to Grinding:
        Failing a grind will no longer reduce the current grind to 0. Instead, the current grind and maximum grind will be reduced by 1. If the current grind is 5 or over then the current grind will be reduced by 2, but the maximum grind will only be reduced by 1.
        Unfortunately you will still be able to grind up to the maximum grind of the weapon, and repair items will be unusable in that state, so be careful.
  • Changes to Striking Photon Arts:
        Dus Skadd last combo modifier has been decreased by 20%, and its max target has been decreased to 3.
  • Changes to Bullet Photon Arts:
        Shotgun max damage modifiers have been reverted back to the original JP values, meaning a decrease of 70%.
        Rifle max damage modifier has been increased by 20%.
        Laser Cannon max damage modifier has been increased by 70%.
        Twin Handgun max damage modifier has been increased by 50%.
  • Currently we're testing a mechanic for Limit Break, so the following changes will be in effect for a while:
        Diga can now hit multiple points across a single enemy, if they have more than one.
        Diga's modifiers have been reverted back to the correct numbers.
        Foie can now hit multiple points across a single enemy, if they have more than one.
        Foie's modifiers have been reverted back to the correct numbers.


🎊 Event Information 🎊
This event will run until the 25th of October.

Photon Art Experience has been boosted by 2x
Protectors K is currently available to play on the Guardians Colony 5th Floor. C ~ S2 difficulties have an EXP boost of 1.5x
Unique clear box items can be obtained by clearing the mission and collecting all of the chips. You can find information on those drops Here

Important note for Kappa:
I'm aware of an unfortunate issue with Kappa which may cause the server to lag, but unfortunately I was unable to pinpoint it. If this issue still occurs, I'll try my best to fix it asap. If you run into this issue and have any information on what might cause it, please let me know. Thanks!


I've put GAS research on the back burner for the time being, with the exception of Limit Break experiments. I don't think right now is the best time, so I would like to focus more on finishing synthesis and the sort. We're also still currently looking into and researching boxes, so please bear with us. Kappa clear boxes are an experiment, so there may be some issues to smooth out still.

Thanks to everyone that provided input 💕

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Unironically though, you might as well just cut the throat of every Fighmaster while you're at it. It also isn't helped by the previous 25% nerf to melee damage on bosses either.

edit: For reference, as a 150 Cast 20 FM with ms and 40%+ 0/10 iron lance this crippling of Skadd is disproportionate as all fuck. Before the 20% nerf is taken into account, just removing one hit from the max on the final move already ripped out 24k damage from skadd's max possible damage. Taken all together it's in the ballpark of a 31-33k damage nerf.

I could've begrudgingly, bitterly, choked down the 20% nerf on the final move without too much complaint, but could you kindly just fuck off with removing an entire max hit from the last move?

Edited by RiggedGaming
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Thanks for listening us about twin handguns.

But the boost remains insufficient (even with dual milis, everything else is better as GM). 

I do not think other weapons need to be 15* to be at least "decent". Since you listened to many complain yesterday Marmadale (about shotgun especially), would be nice to give twin handguns another boost. At least 90-100% (lasers has 70% boost and its remain situationnal, which is not the case for twins so I don't really get it)

Please, consider this.

 I add the fact that the 10% boost at first person is useless with twin handguns, since this weapon is about mobility.

Edited by Aelphasy
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