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Psp2i Model Fomats


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I did some more testing for the root bone rotation and the values don't make any sense. I tried interpreting the values as floats, by reading two bytes, shifting them up and then reading that value as a float, and I got NaN values. So I don't think these are floats. My best guess is that there could be flags, masking, or maybe some kind of rotation scale setting that defines how the bones work. So I think I'll have to get into the game to test those values.

Next I'll try looking at another bone like an arm or something to see if there's something special going on with the root bone, or if all of the bones are like this. And double check to see if I have the correct numbering or not.

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Okay checked the values on the jaw and managed to get it to look like something reasonable. The angle values are pretty huge, so I might need to multiply the values against the inverse of the parent in case these are world angles. Or there could be some kind of scaling going on.

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On a semi-positive note, I tried switching to a simpler model, one of the Yomei swords that has a spinning hilt.


Managed to get some of the spinning part. One thing that really confuses me is why the hilt seems to get closer to the sword, come out, spin, and then go back again. As far as I can tell the animation is simply a Z-rotation around the base of the sword, so there shouldn't be anything in there that changes the distance from the sword. A few other issues, bone id's versus bone indices are pretty confusing. The sword doesn't have any bone weight defined in the vertex groups, and has to be programmed into the draw calls. And in the Unm file, there is a lot of what looks like "junk" data that ends up not being used. Like multiple entries for the same frame for the same bone and things like that.

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