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Can't hit anything

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I can't use anything or attack anything. Nobody else I play with has this problem. 
and I have to rely on lightning TECHNICs to do anything.
Here's a couple gif's of it.
This happened in another mission I was on. I thought if I just reset I would be fine. So I joined in on another mission and it wasn't resolved.
What was happening

The only thing I could do

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10 minutes ago, Midori Hoshi said:

It looks like a desync. Maybe a new item you got is causing it. If you can figure out how to reproduce it, let us know.

To fix it, try changing classes. This acts like a clean slate since it forces you to unequip everything.

Changing classes worked. The only thing I can remember doing before this happened was doing Desert Terror A
I picked up this photon (https://gyazo.com/88df8d9edb8458ef1169d110f9587e7b) which had this little icon next to it (I don't know why it just did. I noticed this when I re logged.) When I made it into Block 2 I switched to the Masamunera and tried doing a gravity strike. At the right angle I could hit an enemy but 99% of the time it was nothing and I could only use Technics. 
Other note:
I also was using the follow command to follow my friend when all this originally went down.

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Yeah when an item or material is showing equipped like that, it's a desync. Best to re-log so you don't lose any of your gear by accident. If it's still like that after re-logging, log off and wait a minute before logging back in, desyncs aren't always instantly fixed. 

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