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Updates on What's Been Going on (Character Updates)

Jessica Stark

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1: Jessica Stark has been chosen to Hunt down Experiments that may have been made to be either copies of original people, or to outdo them. In this search she came across 2, one who was made to be Midori but after a while, came to her senses and is living with a new identity. The other more recent, was another exact Clone of a Guardian known as Lucy Miya but the Experiment Didn't have all Lucy's Data and Memories.

2: Experiment 24 the Midori Clone, has been living life for the past few months trying to find a new identity, knowing that she was made to become Midori. She is happily living life with a new look and trying to find a new name.

3: Jessic Stark has now fully completed The Iron Girl Project, and to be honest doesn't really need a reason to use the Lab's or work for the Company anymore, Beside's being an Experimental Hunter. But, seeing as Science is her Passion she chose to stay.

4: The Recent Experiment Found, E41 who was the Lucy Miya Look Alike, is currently being worked on, To either Improve or extend her systems

5: It's been 2 month's since Jessica Stark had her 11th Birthday in June. And not much has changed

6: The Experiment that was known as 626, left the company in early June and hasn't been seen since. We suspect she is back on her home planet, living her life until the end

7: Jessica Stark's A.I Amanda has been transfered to the Lab's as it's interface until Jessica Decide's to use Iron Girl again. So Amanda no longer Travel's with Jessica Out of suit, which was Jessica's Glasses

8: Jessica Stark has a Cousin Called Amelia, who has recently been placed into Jessica's Hands to watch over, which she annoyingly Agreed

(And That's all that's been going on for the last 2 Months 😄

Edited by Jessica Stark
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