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My friend sent me some of his old PC/PS2 PSU pictures!

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I regret not saving more images of myself, but you can see me in some of these screenshots. My bud who took them will play more seriously when wipes stop 🙂. Some of you may see yourselves in a few of these.

Here's a picture taken during Dengeki. Lots of people  may have their alts in this shot. Henrik Yukyato was somebody I knew but he hated my guts since I was a huge asshole. He was a super nice guy and if you meet him say hi from Ice 🙂 I also recognize all the players in the foreground, but don't remember who's alt wolfie was, and I *think* demon was a troll back in the day, but may be wrong.


By far my favorite picture I still have. We caught Ruby Eclipse the GM AFKing. Shameful xp waste. We took a very suggestive picture of him holding his hands to shame him back to the grind. Maduin was one of my alts.


A classic trolling method: He filled my room with cardboard, then put cardboard in the card board. I had to go through each one and remove the item since you can't remove all decorations while a gift was in your room.


My room after I had a few more decorations. I classed it up more as time went by, but this is the only picture of it I have.


Clementine doesn't get all the credit for being a buggy mess. 🙃 Enemy desync and clipping issues were all through official. He's stuck and can't move in this shot. There was also a bug where he couldn't see any decorations I placed momentarily.


Here's a screenshot just of his loot. No XP waste. Grind them levels and catch them rares.


And a rare enemy spawn. I forgot about rare variants entirely.


One of his alts was a Wicco enemy from moatoob. He sent me screenshots of him trying to perfect the costume. 


Another friend just sent me this. I'm not in it, but this was end of life. It really hits me where it hurts to this very day. 


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Cool I'm in the background of that first shot. LOL no I'm not a troll there was another demon that was a troll/hacker.

Wow this takes me back. I remember parting with Enigma and those players few times. Yeah I miss Ruby he was always fun to play with even back in the PSOBB days.

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