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A Break In The Alliance Miltary.

Noob Saibot

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After repeated weeks of the investigation in Rozenom, Noob grows impatient of the AMF. Noob with a few soldiers board an AMF PPT Shuttle back to AMF HQ. He reaches the Command Meeting Room and locks the door behind him. He thinks about when higher command told every soldier that all GUARDIANS are not the enemy, but allies. Noob hates that fact. He then goes to the armory in which he opens the door to a hidden room. What contains in there is his blacked out armor. He feels it and all the evil from the Endrum programming comes back to memory. His old Deathly Shadow days. When he was Knave Golem. He blames the Alliance Military for his original "death" and now blames them for the falling of the colony. He puts on his black suit and recruits a few of his AMF soldiers who believe in the same faith as Noob. The Deathly Shadows were reborn nut under a new name. They were still considered AMF but rogue. They follow the footsteps of the Endrum Collective and seek revenge on the colony. Where they reside is unknown but rumors report that they have an underground base somewhere.


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