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Alliance Military Log 1. (Story, Part 2)

Noob Saibot

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// Report \\


From: Commander Saibot.

To: AMF Central Command.

Subject: Rozenom City and AMF Changes.



We've been investigating the Rozenom City explosion for months now and have finally made contact with the fallen GUARDIANS' Colony. The site was not pretty. Personally, this is one of many reasons why I don't like the GUARDIANS. I was part of the squadron that was stationed in Rozenom until we had to evacuate all the civilians, once the Colony was in orbit.. Why do the GUARDIANS always think they're doing what's right, when in reality, all they're doing IS GETTING IN THE WAY. Yeah, they stopped the SEED but that wasn't without us.. Now command has a few of the soldiers stationed on the new GUARDIANS' Colony?? I'm not for it. All it is, is a place ran by incompetent Humans and their abominations. The worst of it all is, I gotta be the one who commands these troops which means, NOW I GOTTA LEAVE MY PLANET!!! I'm no Cast Supremacist anymore but doesn't mean I respect the other races just yet. Especially those Copy Casts that the GUARDIANS manufacture. Wow, I hate them.. In other news, I hear there's some weird cloning going on with some fighter from Neudaiz. That's it for now I guess. Saibot, out.


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