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Area Drop v3 Mission List

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Area Drop V3 Mission List

  • \\\**Linear Line, AMF Metro Linear, Paracabana Coast**\\\

-Fight for Food
-Unsafe Passage
-AMF HQ Recovery
-Military Subway
-SEED Express (Last Block)
-Beach Bum Beast

  • \\\**II Cabo Base/Seabed Plant**\\\

-Lonely Laboratory
-Bladed Legacy
-Lab Recovery
-Endrum Remnants

  • \\\**HIVE, AMF Central Command, Rykros**\\\

-Dark Satellite
-SEED Awakened
-True Darkness
-Electronic Brain
-The Black Nest
-The Dark God

  • **\\\Raffon Lakeshore**\\\

-The Mad Beasts
-Duel in the Ruins

  • \\\**Raffon Meadow**\\\

-Mad Creatures
-Plains Overlord
-Crimson Beast

  • \\\**Train**\\\

-Train Rescue
-SEED Express (First 2 Blocks)

  • \\\**Habirao F.D.**\\\

-Hill of Spores
-Dancing Birds

  • \\\**Old Rozenom City**\\\

-Scarred Planet
-Lightning Beasts

  • \\\**Neudaiz Forest**\\\

-Mizuraki Defense
-Demons Above
-Moonlight Beast
-Sakura Blast
-Flowery Pursuit

  • \\\**Neudaiz Islands**\\\

-Forested Islands
-Rainbow Beast
-The Eastern Peril
-Forest Infiltration

  • \\\**Old Hakura Temple, Pavilion of Air, Ohtori Castle**\\\

-Castle of Monsters 
-Sacred Stream
-White Beast
-Sinners' Banquet

  • \\\**Moatoob Caves (Galenigare/Granigs Mine)**\\\

-Tunnel Recapture
-Desert Goliath
-Rogues' Shortcut
-Caves of Ice
-Awoken Serpent

  • \\\**Galenigare Canyon**\\\

-Valley of Carnage
-Mine Defense

  • \\\**Kugu Desert**\\\

-System Defense
-Desert Terror
-Stolen Weapon
-Citadel of Sand

  • \\\**RELICS**\\\

-Sleeping Warriors
-The Dual Sentinel
-The Holy Ground
-Crimson Beast

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