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For Marm - Information To Help adjust GunMaster Class - 

Shotgun Pa's 🧐 ( Clementine Current Pa's % )

Barada Banga / Diga / Megiga at 270%

Barada Riga / Inga / Yoga at 260% <--- Should only be 5% difference

Comparing now to offical PSU: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html On PSU Pedia. Shotguns where 195% / 200%.

= 70% Att% has been added to our Shotgun Pa's To match / other classes Jp arts ( as stated by KILLROY - Pa's are release on the server as they are - which leaves some with crazy high end game % - and some at day 1 psu % ) = Shotgun was increase to match other classes Pa's - Thank you.


Rifle Pa's ( Clementine Current Pa's %)

Burning / Grav / Dark at 250% 

Frozen / Plasma / Rising at 245%

Comparing Now to Offical PSU: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html On Psu Pedia. Rifles where 215% / 220%.

= 30% Has been added "ONLY" to rifle pa's.

1. On Offical Server, Shotguns where at 200% - Rifles where 220% = 20% more att% over shotguns

2. On Clementine Shotguns are at 270% - Rifles are at 250% = 20% Lower than shotgun????

Rifles should not be lower than shotgun % - They should have minimum of 20% Att above shotgun pa's

= Please increase to 290% / 285%


Laser Pa's ( Clementine Current Pa's % )

Burning / Grav / Dark at 280%

Frozen / Plasma / Rising at 275%

Comparing now to offical PSU http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html

1. On offical Servers Shotguns where at 200% - Laser's had 250% = 50% Att more than any shotgun PA + JP Laser were 280% = Massive 80% Att over shotguns.

2. On Clementine Shotguns are 270% - Lasers Are 280% = 10% Att More than shotgun PA <------ Why Laser feels really weak.

This leads to the issue that, without 5 mobs being nicely in line.. Shotguns will out damage lasers - Rather then the normal 3 mobs

= Please Increase Laser to Minimum 320% / 315% To be able to balance Shotgun vs Lasers = Make laser usable = Gunners happy, I don't think the massive 80% More than shotguns is needed on the server lol atm


TWIN GUN's ( Clementine Current Pa's % )

Burn / Ground / Dark at 200%

Ice / Light / Plasma at 195%

Comparing Now to Offical Psu http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%C1%F5%C8%F7#weapon = Same % = 100% In need some increase.

1. Shotgun + Twinguns has always Shared the same att%'s - 

Shotgun link: http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%A5%D5%A5%A9%A5%C8%A5%F3%A5%A2%A1%BC%A5%C4%2F%A5%D0%A5%EC%A5%C3%A5%C8

Twinguns: http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%C1%F5%C8%F7#weapon 

2. Atm On Clem - Twins are 70%!!!!!!!! 70%!!! Lower than shotgun's! 

Please increase Twin guns to Shotgun's att% <------------ Really is needed ^.^


Grenades ( Current On Clementine )

Burn / Ground / Dark at 290%

Ice / Plasma / Light at 285%

Comparing to Offical Psu: http://spoiler.sakura.ne.jp/rr/psu/index.php?DB%2F%C1%F5%C8%F7#weapon 0% att has been added On Clementine Server.

1. Grenades Are suppose to have US PSU --> 80% Att Over shotgun.... JP PSU Had --> 90% More Att over Shotgun's ( Current shotgun PA is 270% ) So Grenades needs 350% Or 360% For elemental bullets

2. Duranga Also it's Higher Att% 



SUM Up all information

1. Shotgun / Twins = Always Shared the same %

2. Rifles had 20% More Att than shotguns = Rifles should be 290 / 285% Att%

3. Lasers Had 50% US PSU  / 80% JP PSU More Att% than Shotguns

4. Grenades Had 80% US PSU more Shotguns / 90% On JP PSU

5. Duranga Needs the same Att% Increase elementals get.



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Lasers are perfectly usable. It is not a problem of damage, it is a problem of width. I do not advise the devs to increase the laser's damage, but rather to change the use (width and to make it pierce, to be able to hit the enemies at multiple parts)

Shotgun dont need change anymore. Rifles are also good imo. Twin handgun sux, and it need deep change. This weapon deserve a topic for him, I already wrote some ideas here and there.

Tbh gunner classes are all good now.

That said, I don't get why you compare the stats of different PA's weapon, not sure if it has any sens. We must consider the weapon itself and it must be adjusted according to the player's feeling. Just give numbers and make some random comparisons is meh.



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Elemental Bullets

Shotguns: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html 200%
Lasers: http://psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Bullets.html 250%

JP Lasers: 280%
JP Grenades: 290%

= JP Lasers had 80% more att over shotguns....... DAM LOL

If width is added nice / Or any other change - However the Laser % Need to have that att% difference -----> to allow lasers to be stronger in the 3+ Mobs - as they always been.

If you take look at PSUPedia - and look the guns att themselves. theirs a massive reason why those types of gun have Higher % increase

Rifles shoot 1 bullet / Long distance / knockdown = why it;s 20% higher

Shotgun Shoots 5 bullets + can splash damage for 10 = why It has the lowest Att%

Lasers Shoots 1 bullet + shorter range than rifle + no knockback = Only stronger If lining mobs = why its higher Att%

Grenades Hits 5 Targets / However it's slow + knockbacks = why its has high att%

Twin Gun, shoots twice / allows movement = why its has low att% like the shotgun 


Yes - Gunners are good - they have always been good =>, But twins are suppose to usable to help close the gab - while going towards a mob- before switching to your shotgun ( no point as twins are too weak ) / or finish off last mob while you move backwards and shoot........ =<

If you see 4 mobs, and your def is high = you can't be flitched.. It's faster to splash damage the shotgun - rather than laser.. should never be the case.


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Since when did shotguns ever have splash damage? Each shot can hit another target or hitbox, but that's it. And I never understood why riga, boma, and yoga shotty PAs had a lower attack percentage than banga, diga, and megiga.

Edited by Jet
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Shotgun's Could Always Splash Damage = When 2 Hit Boxes are close together - Each bullet can hit both

You can test for yourself from shooting boxes

Go Into a Mission
Find 2 Boxes which are close to each other
Angle your Bullet so only 1 bullet hits between both boxes.
You will see, both boxes will break from 1 bullet.

This is like lol - YEARS ago information ^.^

Why most gunners see two Mobs. We try to get between the middle of both of them, so both takes 5 bullets each / or when 1 mob has two hit boxes, we go between both parts.


yes atm on clem - ice, light, plasma shots, have 10% less - rather than the 5%

I think the % is lower due to the Status effects.. Ice freezes for example 

^.^ Maybe ask marm to make them the same ^.^ lol He might do it ( wish )

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