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Photon Art Damage and DPS Charts

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Hello, all - I've recently been working on updating some charts and tables and whatnot for you. I'll go into my methodology a little bit, but if you'd rather check it out yourself, here be. You can change a lot of the values in there and the table and charts will update automatically.


First off, let's talk ATP. Due to the additive nature by which PSU calculates damage, photon arts that hit more times deal more damage as your ATP increases compared to those that hit less. While this is certainly not insignificant, photon arts with high DPS generally get that way from their modifiers rather than their number of hits, so it usually doesn't shake up the rankings unless taken to the extreme.

While we're on the subject of DPS, the frame data I collected is not perfect. The game runs at 30fps, and the source video I referenced was similarly at 30, which means I naturally missed one or two frames on occasion. Expect about a 1-2% margin of error on that frame data. 1% might seem small to some but it still bugs me.

  • By default the data table uses the average ATP of all the 11⭐ , 12 ⭐, and 13⭐ weapons in each category for its calculations.
  • For the damage calculation, I used the following: DAMAGE = FLOOR(CRIT*(ATP*PAMOD*(1+ELE)*BUFF-TARGETDFP)/5) This assumes no crits, elemental resistances, or buffs.
  • I used the LV40 version of each photon art, as this is the highest normally achievable by each category. I was unable to find data for Chuei Jitotsujin's second and third attack PA modifiers, so neither are included in the charts.
  • For frame data, I used a video editing program to count the number of frames from the first indication of a UI flash from using the photon art until the UI element indicated it could be used again. As mentioned before, this data could be erroneous by up to 2 or 3 frames in extreme cases, but I'm fairly confident in its accuracy. The video I referenced didn't include the second attack of Shusou Retsuzan-ga, so it is not included in the chart.
  • All results from the charts assume a perfect hit, meaning all potential targets are struck for their maximum damage.



This is the Clustered Damage chart. It's sorted by DPS from highest to lowest. This shows the damage to a set number of targets side-by side, and is useful for visualizing the effectiveness of a given photon art on a group of 1-hitbox enemies. Note that DPS shouldn't be the only basis on which you judge the 'best' photon art. For example: while Grand Crusher has a higher DPS than Anga Grudda, you'd need to perform the move twice and then some to get the same output of one execution of Anga Grudda. The notable exception is Dus Skadd, which just seems to be the best no matter how you slice it.


This is the Stacked Damage chart. It's also sorted by DPS from highest to lowest. This shows the total damage the photon art deals to each target added together - which is useful for visualizing the effectiveness of a given photon art on enemies with multiple hitboxes (such as bosses). Again DPS shouldn't be your only concern. Keep in mind that a photon art's DPS will dip considerably if you use a photon art that doesn't hit all of its targets. And again again, Dus Skadd is the exception, boasting the highest DPS and second-best two and three target damage with a little fourth target damage as a bonus.


Thanks to those on the Discord channel who pointed me in the right direction for some of that data. Those of you who are enterprising may notice that some of it is missing, and I'd love to fill in the blanks if you know what should be in them. Also let me know if any of my calculations are incorrect - I want this to be as accurate as possible.

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