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I would prefer it that way, but even back then nobody really bothered to fake pictures, could always ask them to prove it if I don’t believe a time 🙂 for now I’ll accept both, but Video will always be better proof and well, cooler 😄

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Unsafe Passage S Aelphasy/135/Cast/GM/Time = 4:13


Black Nest S2 Aelphasy/135/Cast/GM/Time = 9:33 (easy time to beat I think, fucked up last block, last time I use that shitty killer shot. Burning shot should be far better, will try it if someone destroy my time lol)


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Sleeping Warriors S2 Aelphasy/135/Cast/GM/Time=8:02 (for this one, I feel like the layout significantly impact the time, especially the one when you start with the stairs at left : my time was 8:30+ and 9+ with this map)


Holy Ground S3 Aelphasy/135/Cast/GM/Time=14:31 (around 7-8 attempts, the layout doesnt seems to impact that much)


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1 minute ago, Kyo said:

who really gonna cheat TA on a community with less than 10 active TA players. its not that deep

"who gonna cheat in clem" 
Listen, I know you're milranduil's boy toy, but that was still one of the goofiest thing's i've heard. 

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