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I figured out some AA bits to force SGSSAA into this game. It's also compatible with ReShade (WITHOUT depth effects).

For those that are familiar with forcing SGSSAA, the AA bits are 0x004412C1.

For those that have no clue what I'm talking about, here's a quick guide:
1.) Install and open a program called Nvidia Inspector
Latest build here: (https://nvidiaprofileinspector.com/downloads/)

2.) In the profiles box, type Phantasy Star Universe and select the profile.

3.) Click the Add Application to Current Profile button in the toolbar (window with a green plus on it), navigate to where you installed PSU Clementine, and add psuc.exe to the profile. If you also use the high resolution mod, you'll want to add that exe file as well.

4.) In the "Antialiasing compatibility" field, enter 0x004412C1. Note that it's NOT the field labeled (DX1x).

5.) Scroll down the the third section titled Antialiasing:
a.) Find "Antialiasing - Mode" and select "Override any application setting".
b.) Find "Antialiasing - Setting" and select your desired multisampling amount (I recommend 4x, but you can use 8x if you have a fairly high end GPU.  This type of AA is very expensive, even in an old game like PSU).
c.) Find "Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling" and select the Sparse Grid Supersampling multiplier equivalent to the amount of Multisampling you selected (4x with 4x, 8x with 8x, etc.)

6.) Click "Apply Changes" and launch the game to see the results!

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