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Virtuous circle : competitiveness

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Some things we can notice :

About economy : 

- Very hardcore player who play until they suffer are very hardcore player. It means they drop their own stuff (80% of the time) and so dont buy so often + undercut price.

- Non hardcore player who play until the dinner is ready are not hardcore player. It means they dont buy what other people have to sell, or not so often.

About bug reports :

- Even if we have some feedback, it is not very much related to the numbers of people who play and who is still important. It's even worse when we talk about optimization/balance/change. This is not a reproach, free to everyone to choose his degree of investment or not, but it is a fact.

About number of players (and obviously related to economy) :

- Good but not constant : the regulars are there daily, the others comback only for update / event.

All that is not a problem in itself, but we can act on it : by adding competitiveness. People will want to optimize their equipment and so finally spend money, will inevitably want things to work and therefore come to talk about what is wrong, and play more in time.

To summarize the competition is not only something fun, its also something "useful" (or maybe helpful to be more correct).

Some ideas I have in mind :

1) Missions dedicated to TA. Exemple, a mission in a single area (like the last one in Ruins rare mission) in which you have 10 minutes to clean successive waves. Top 10 for each class (and why not top 30 overall leaderboard). Of course, its dedicated to TA and competition, so no meseta/exp/loot (to avoid turning it in a mission like any other)

   a) conditions and rules (still exemple, to have an overall idea)

        - No level req (so everyone can try and it can be very good to measure progress and motivate people to play)

        - Ennemies 150-160 : don't have to be too hard

        - If you die, its over. No scape

        - For 10 minutes, lets say you have to kill 300 ennemies (if they are 150 should be doable at level 110-120 with decent pallet). First waves : 15 (7 polty, 7 badira, 1 go       vhara with attack boost), 2 : 22 (18 golmoro, 4 seed vitace)... 9 : 40 (main large) 10 : 5 (like 4 gol dova 1 renvolt)

     - Other kind of TA missions we can think about : a boss rush. Rules are similar, but you start versus ragan with 30 secs, and you earn +45secs for each boss killed. Unlike previous leaderboard, the top 10 are those who have the most time (and we can keep the 10 minutes I dunno)

2)  consideration about overall leaderboards :

     I think there is SUPER shitty thing to avoid

        - number of time someone die (wont drop name or server but trust me, there is something like that on a PSO server and it count the pvp mode lol)

        - number of time you abandon a mission (same)

        - number of time you spend afk (...)

      But there is also half-shitty (maybe 1/4 shitty dunno) thing that we can have but well its meh

        - number of monsters killed (good as personal information or private competition with friends, but since everyone can spam C BBB, doesnt mean a thing) 

        - Mesetas

        - missions played

       The only good leaderboards are in my opinion :

        - everything about TA (and especially in dedicated missions) and maybe only that

        -  Why not how many S rank you drop (just for the joke, to see who's blessed by RNGesus)

3) miscellaneous 

        - Everytime someone got at least a 14* and above, make sure everyone knows it (just like in PSO BB, pretty fun) like ( player xxxx got 42% fire Cursed Dark Flow on Booma)

         - Same with level 180 (or 200 if its added) 


Since I do not know what can be done as custom, I prefer to stop there. But the general idea is to have a real solid solution for what I describe above, something that makes the players invest more and better.

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