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Single-Handed Handguns

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These appear very weak and out of balance compared to many weapons and their counterparts, at least for every other class that is not a FF. Without a damage calculator I cannot tell you whether these need to be re-balanced. Keep in mind a Beast FF has ridiculous ATP and that is why the pistol never got boosted on the 360 server. I wish I had a damage Calculator for this. 


Some notes I noticed when leveling my Handgun bullets this past weekend:

Handguns have LVL 3 SE

Handguns seem to  have a fire-rate slower than Bows. (I play as a PT and my bow seems to fire as fast as the pistol if not slightly faster)

Handguns Element % seems ridiculously low to me. For comparision Twin Handguns end up maxing out at 44% elemental at lvl 50. According to PSUPedia, the single handgun maxes out at 25% while firing 1 less bullet than twin handguns, and there is not  much an ATP difference between base stats of both single and twin handguns to justify that elemental difference. This makes the single handgun almost 4 x weaker than their twin counterpart not taking into account the SE LVL. I mean they fire 1 less shot and are 20% different in their elemental %. The single handgun shouldnt be your main weapon but lets not make it a useless weapon or a weapon that is only useful for FF. 


To prove my point on the need for elemental increase on the single handed version. after LVL 21 the single pistol gains just 6% elemental. LVL 21 = 19% LVL 41 = 25%

Twin Handguns on the other hand. They go from Lvl 21 = 24% and by the time they hit  LVL 41 = 44%. 

The difference being single pistol gains just 6% while the twin version goes up by more than 20%

My suggestion is that to get around FF having ridiculous ATP making the pistol more of a rifle for them is that after LVL 21, FF only gets LVL 20 Bullets, we up those elemental's on the bullets after lvl 20 for the single pistol to draw it more in line with the Twin variants. They already fire 1 less bullet and are as far as i can tell have a pretty slow fire-rate among all the other bullet weapons available.  Maybe look into the fire-rate as well, but again fire-rate will really help FF with high ATP. That is why I suggest elemental changes and not messing with the Fire-Rate too much. That or the PA's need a higher damage modifier after lvl 21, Beast FF do not need extra boosts with their ATP being so high. Its the rest of us that need it. AF, PT, GT, classes that use off-handed weapons and are a lot weaker in ATP than FF. 

Finally I would not mess with the SE LVL since Twin Handguns fire 2 bullets I think it balances, changes out 1 less bullet for a higher SE LVL. The elemental % of the single variant probably has to be as high if not higher than the Twin counterpart to really make it worth it. That or a combination of higher % element bullet and a higher damage modifier %. 


One final edit is that I do not believe the 15% PA damage increase the single variant has over the twin variant offsets the elemental % difference. Single Handgun PA's damage modifiers at LVL 50 max at 195% and 190%. The Twin version only come in 15%  less at 180% and 175%. But combined with the 20% elemental increase over the single version, you end up hitting harder each bullet with the Twin Handguns than you do with a single handgun bullet. 

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The change likely would not help AT unfortunately, but for AF, GT, PT and a few others it could be useful having access to a weapon that you can zoom first person in. Again I play mostly as PT the pistol is just some pretty looking thing that I used to tag enemies with to gain experience back in the day. Now it is almost completely useless except to FF. 

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