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Server Maintenance - 23rd July 2019

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Small fixes...


  • Fixed an issue with Slot Machines being stuck in "Maintenance Mode" if a player logged out or reloaded while playing.
  • Fixed an issue with Drill / Power not correctly reducing PP cost for Bullet and Striking PA's.
  • Fixed an issue where negative Status Effects could stack if one was a higher level than the other.
  • Fixed an issue where rare spawns for Free/AOTI missions were highly unlikely to spawn. Now, successfully clearing a mission will provide a minor boost to rare spawn rate for the next mission. Abandoning the mission before clearing it will reduce this boost.
  • Rentis and Dizas have been changed and now reduce a fixed percentage of damage. This is to restore JC functionality for classes that depend on it. Level 6 reduction will reduce incoming damage as much as 30% (Subject to change).
  • Status Effect rates have been increased to bring them more in line with the new STA setup.



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Is cheers for good work
Upward revision of rare missions is very good news
I will enjoy this ^_^

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♢ Yes, free missions, perhaps now it's existence will be officially confirmed. 😹

♢ Drill Power, this is also good news for many people.

I would like to write something like positive feedback, but I never knew how to do it. >_>

Thank you, great and mighty developer, for hearing our prayers. May Holy Light guide you. ♡

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