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My suggestion :O

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Despite v3 raising the drop rates, it still feels wrong... It’s very difficult to sell things and quite painful to make meseta. 

I think first of all your target market needs to be taken into consideration, The majority of people back then would of been quite young 12-22 mostly unemployed and able to spend all there free time grinding out weapons, those people are now years down the line. Most likely with full time jobs, potentially kids too and other commitments, I don’t have the statistics but that would be my guess.

So from that let’s take the average PSU player in 2019, they work 9-5 ex, so they roughly have 4-5 hours of playtime if they decide to play.

Let’s say in this example they play acrofightier :

They need:

Nightmare dusts  X6 (0.2-0.3 drop)

12-Ouncers: X6 (0.3 drop)

Shidenji: X6 (0.18 drop)

clad shag: X3 (only need three elements of these) (0.18)

shag langdeel: (^^^^^^)(0.18)

Now factor in these low drop rates, now factor in that only 40%+ of these are worth using or selling = the amount of time you’d have to invest to gear ONE class is way too long.(and this is without even touching on grinding)

I think rather than the market being empty and dead, it needs to be rebalanced, with peoples playtime taken into consideration and fighters %’s , people shouldn’t be tied to playing on only one class. 

Double or triple all drops, bring meseta into the economy, let people get the gear they need and use it before another better weapon comes out.  The timeframe is screwed.

The best way to make money right now, is to level up PA’s and sell them and some of these PA’s take days to level, some even just afk them instead of playing, but it’s more efficient than running a mission, that’s not my psu 🙂 

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