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Jessica Stark

It's all over (Jessica and 626's Story Ending)

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It's been a month or 2 since anyone has seen the scientist known as Jessica Stark and her invention Titled "Iron Girl" or the experiment 626 nicknamed Amy. well, they have been doing their own thing and have not crossed path's since 626 decided to leave behind the life of being a puppet and a lab experiment and join the good side and help fight. Jessica just had her 11th birthday and took a break from maintaining Iron Girl. 626 came through with her plan to break free and the chip that had been placed in her neck deactivated and with help it was safely removed. all is well and now 626 under her new name Amy which was originally her nickname, has joined forces with Jessica Stark and both plan to help anyone seeking help. This concludes both stories of these 2 people, from this day onwards: Jessica Stark will continue to grow into her Teen Year's and finally finish Iron Girl and will continue to fight the good fight. 626/Amy on the other hand, will eventually leave and retire and will slowley fade into non exsistance as time goes on. Jessica Stark will remember her as a good fighter, and one she will cherrish forever......

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