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Should we give every class access to C rank dagger?

Should we give every class access to C rank dagger?  

47 members have voted

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Currently all but three classes have access to a travel skill. Those classes are Protranser, Gunmaster, and Masterforce. I think that's poor balance. These classes tend to lag behind others when played in parties. Plus, it would just be more fun and interesting to have a travel skill on them, because running slowly over a long distance is boring. Let's give every class access to at least C rank dagger for a couple weeks as a trial, and then come back here to do another poll and discuss if we feel it made the game better or worse, and go from there.

The exact changes I'm suggesting:

- Give PT, GM, MF, and FM access to C rank dagger. Set GM and MF's skill level cap to 10.

- Give GM access to C rank handgun, because they are the only class without it, and it would give them something to do with their left hand when using dagger.


*Regardless of the results of this poll, all of these decisions are ultimately up to Marmalade.


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I think its a great idea to give a means of travel to all classes, I see way too often classes have to walk slowly to a group of enemies for them to be only dead or near dead already. I can't imagine how sucky this makes the game experience to constantly having to chase down other players just to get a hit in.

Its especially important for PT with their main role being to get ahead of enemies and place traps to prep for spawns, with GMs main go to DPS being a shotgun its awful to have to walk point blank to enemies each and every time with the pack going ahead.

Adding this here after a long "discussion" in the discord:
- There is very little reason for GM, MF or PT to not have a travel PA. PT for obvious reasons as stated above.
In the current state of clem GM and MF are under performing already in terms of damage. MF does not have limit break and potentially may not for year(s) if ever. GM's damage is just lackluster compared to melee options so for these classes to already be weaker and have to suffer slower travel makes no sense. If in the future limit break was added then removing travel PA should be considered.

This isn't anything to do with TA or optimal speed runs but just giving people a chance to actually play their class and hit things. Its no fun getting to a spawn of mobs for them to be dead already, this isn't the case in every quest but it definitely is in a lot of content.

Overall it just makes no sense for classes that are already weaker to be slower as well. If people are voting against this because they feel "no need" for a travel PA then it should make no difference to them if it is added or not.

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Id agree with PT being able to travel ahead and lay traps, but I think some of the other classes having travelling may cause some balance issues. 

Trying not to be too biased as i dont play MF/GM, but i feel out the masterclasses travelling should stay unique to fighmaster. I do however think the masterclasses should get buffs:

MF needs its limit break / GM needs its first person shooting increaed by 20%

If you was to take every single classes travel PA away, MF would arguably be the strongest (with LB), now give everyone a travel PA which class is the strongest 🙂

p.s If it wasn't possible to get limit break ever, id agree and say yes they should have a means to travel too.

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I'm sorry, but I'm against it. Basically you're doing the same thing in PSO2 in terms of... if X class doesn't have double jump, add it. If that class doesn't a travel PA, add it.

That thing makes the game very repetitive, and the last thing which I want is being forced to use Travel PAs just because ppl want frenzy games...

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actually, I do not know. Maybe that's good, but maybe not. Anyway buffing GM on what we spoke will still a far better idea than everything else. Dunno for MF, but maybe GM need buff instead of travelling PA.

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PSU is an online RPG
It is not a racing game or a game to play TA

In PSO2, in addition to time restriction in emergency missions, generalization of this makes it a premise to use PA for movement
I do not want to do the same with PSU

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Im sure we can all agree.... Some missions like Sakura Blast - Moonlight beast......  Actually... Nearly all OLD missions in neaudaz / Moatob has soooo much walking., talk about balance goes completely out the window... 


SOLO - I wish They added Sprint or someting ( I spend more time walking then fighting anything ---- dam )

PARTY - Grrrr Guys slow down... your killing them to fast / I need exp - I can't even tag any spawns.

Result: Either the player never does that mission again, Or he switches to a class that has speed up - old day psu >.> Would boot tornadoes dancers lol

My Opinion

I always believe that speed up shouldnt and been class restricted... Sega should have just added a sprint button tbh >.> or not have any travelling PA's / sprint action... It completely killed any balance or any team work in 90% of missions in the game - when distance became a issue


Whenever trying to gain balance between classes, first remove  the biggest issue > Travelling Time = damage% >.> 

New missions are fine is nothing changes - mobs are really close together

old missions tho.... traveling pa is too broken lol ( at the same time..... really nice to have >.> too much walking)





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I am against it. It makes zero sense for a gumnmaster or a masterforce to use a dagger. They are master of those weapons they can use and nothing else. This whole run in a full party mentality is the bigger issue here.  Despite an attempt to help make enemies stronger in a full party, it is a complete failure. They are still dying way too fast to the point where topics like this are made. It's a mindless slaughter festival.  We need way tougher enemies but at the same time be worth it to run in a party. Otherwise, why run in a party at all when they have the same drop rate and die way faster?  I am not against a protranser getting s rank daggers. It makes sense since they already use a single saber. 


Make enemies tougher and add better drop rates when in parties. Imo that would close the whole travel pa thing. 

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The fact there are "travel skills" at all is pretty baffling. I distinctly remember them nerfing that one Double Saber PA (tornado dance I think?) on official BECAUSE people were using it as a movement option. If it starts getting used as a combat maneuver to evade attacks during combat then that definitely becomes a potential balance issue, as well. It's tough though because I certainly wouldn't hate being able to move faster between groups though...

I think the best suggestion I could make, although I don't know if it'd be possible, would simply be "when not in combat, you move x% faster" so you can get to the next group faster, but I don't think PSU has any sort of check to see if you're actually in combat or not.


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I agree with Shotgun. I also consider Travel PA'S similar to the Grenade Launcher and its blowback effect on smaller enemies. It is called learn to be a considerate member if you run with a group. If you are basically travel PA'ing, soloing the mission by yourself with 4-5 other members; you are a jerk and honestly I am not going to run with you because I am going to get bored/pissed pretty quickly. If it is an agreed upon TA thing and the group has no problems with you sprinting ahead I am fine with that. But if you join my group and are off fighting all the mobs yourself; sorry but I do not want you in my group. 


Too add. I have nothing against people who use the Travel PA's if they are considerate about it. But if they are off spawning the enemies by themselves so by the time we get there all the enemies are in different directions; leading to inefficiency. That is where I draw the line. I have not problems with using them to help catch up to the group; sprint ahead and unlock doors. But please do not go spawning the enemies and fighting all by yourself. Let the group catch up and we will annihilate the enemies together much faster. If you wanted to solo or show off go do it elsewhere. 



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