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Hello all, These were my names over the years i have played this great series. 

Hope I'm someone you know hit me up..........  🕵️‍♂️

Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast)


SEVENTH(D)SIGN  Leader of The (D)ominion

Berserker Fury 

Phantasy Star Online and Episode 3 C.A.R.D Revolution (Gamecube)



Phantasy Star Universe (X box 360)

Phantasy Eight 


Prince Syisulis





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I forgot the named but i think it was either Mimi or Luna, I was Human and Newman on the 360. I miss playing that game i made a lot of friends and some of them I'm still friends with them today haha.

I remember going mission after mission and hanging out at the coolest places, Oh and the casino haha my friends and I will hangout there everyday. 

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Princess Mononoke was my main, Female Cast Acro Techer AP'd for dual daggers 3rd combo and FM occasionally. Played Demo before official release in 2006. Played up until server close.

My original ID was 300024167. Missed this game so much.

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Alacard  was my main. If I played with you in the early days before AOTI release, you remember me as a M Human Force/Fortetecher. After AOTI I played almost exclusively as PT with a few small stints as a Fighgunner/Guntecher mixed in when we needed a healer/buffer. 

Gamertag ID: Stinkyfish97 (I  want to say id was 64k or something) I joined online 


I probably played with some of you at some point. I was a random party hopper for most of my PSU days; I put in a lot of hours running missions on my main.  This game was my therapy.  I dont recall exactly but I am sure I was in the 6-8k hours on my main character. 


Anyways I have not checked in with Clementine Server in over 1 year; ever since everyone decided a break was needed. 


I am back and will be starting over fresh. See you all there. Ill be rocking Human PT if anyone ever needs one in their party. 




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Prototype_07, Male CAST Acrotecher. ID #3214.

Was using wands and cards in most situations. Soloing wasn't that bad with max buffs. I remember grinding the deserts of moatoob and the ruins of parum for items nobody wanted to dig for. Switched to jp psu servers a few months before our own got shut down.

Good riddance. 😜

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Played the demo, Got hooked, bought the full game, played until server shutdown ,  and on that final day of play, i got my first ever 10/10 that i ground out my self, a Cadeuceus, then gave it away to some random whose name i no longer remember.  My toons have always been:

Female newman : Pattch (always with short, red hair)

Female cast: Loxx

Female beast: Sayuri

Female human: Echo

Most of the time seen running with a guy called Hazy 


Its good to be back ^^


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By the off chance anyone recognizes me or the people I used to play with.

I used to go by ShadowBladeXI, my xbox account was called The Illuminous.

I used to be a part of many clans one notable being the Romans before I quit, where I used to be in the higher groups of the large clan because of being friends with one of the leaders.

I used to talk to a group of people, one called Kyrie but she was a stalker and Magic Mushrooms. If any of you know Magic Mushrooms then you know what type of person I am lol.

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I was on English servers when I was super young and my old name was Andybobandy and used to / still do play a Wartecher as a beastman. I was absolutely obsessed with the My Room aspect of PSU and cannot wait for that to be flushed out fully so I can go back to farming all the house items again 😄

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