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Thoughts? Feelings? Hopes & dreams?

I'll admit the spec is impressive and it's nice that they're finally integrating solid state hard drive technology. It's nice the PS3 and 4 had compatibility for SSD's, but to make it as standard always made sense.

It does seem a little soon though. I mean the PS4 and then the Pro - I thought to myself we'd be a long way off a next gen. Why the rush? It's similar with phones, 1 new phone a year by a lot of manufacturers?

It's a little scary, living on a planet with finite resources, ever growing pollution and population and yet we're burning through resources for entertainment purposes.


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What conditions my purchase of a console is essentially the Japanese video game. The 360 had many advantages that ps3 did not have at its beginnings (I think of Blue Dragon, Vesperia and of course PSU) but for this generation, it is rigorously the opposite. So, if the PS5 is in the continuity of the ps4, it's certain that I take it.

But you're 100% right: I think it's too early. The games are very beautiful (what was done with RDR2 is really very impressive) and I feel that it gonna start with a PS5 that only offers a "60fps" version of games like FFXV or TW3, at least at the beginning.

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